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halloween nudes

I spent well over two hours searching for an assortment of jokes and male nudes to do with Halloween and put them in my computers memory to upload onto this page. After more than two hours work, ONLY THESE 4 ARE VISIBLE and I have absolutely no idea what happened to the others, the ones I now realize I wasted two hours searching for - and what do I find when it comes to upload them - absolutely nothing - cos they aint there and I will be fucked if I am going all the way through all that again after wasting so much time.

Take a deep breath ......


John. Love the newsletter you send me each week. I rarely respond but please know I read it every Sunday and have at least one wank to the pictures - which be they hairy or smooth, young or old, the male form can be a thing of beauty. I especially liked your week when your guys had all the ball weights on - I had no idea people played in such a way with their balls and this got me into playing with mine and after over 45 years of being sexually active, I NOW discover my balls..... What joy but what a waste of time not knowing. Thanks John. Roger.

John. I have seen and had sex with hundreds of men and penis and yet when at the gym and when you catch a furtive glance at something forbidden, a man in the shower, a look up his shorts as he lays flat on a workout bench and you can see up his shorts;- those are so sexy and such a thrill. Sean.

John. I had sex with this big hunky guy recently, hung, muscular and hairy and a real mans man, but when it came to sex, he was awful. Boring is the word that comes to mind. He either just laid there and expected me to worship him or he posed for me - showing off his body - and I was not expected to actually want to touch him, and while he was stunning, I stopped and when he asked what was wrong as I wasn't doing anything, I barked loudly and answered ' NEITHER ARE YOU ' - and he was stunned He actually told me that he had never had proper sex before as everyone just wanted to watch him and wank - but how I was the first person who actually expected touchy touchy sex. We did, but he was still a waste of time. Cuter than shit, but a complete bore in the sack. Too much self adoration. Nigel.

When I was a sex worker I had a lot of virgins - straight men who had never had sex with a man before and where actually trembling with nerves. I would always put them at ease and tell them we can try a little of a lot and if anything is too much to just say and we can always stop and have a cuppa and a chat. Some of the hottest men I ever had sex with were straight - just wanting to feel a mouth around their knob or to find out what being rimmed is like as their girlfriends / wives didn't venture ' down there ' and everything was about the man fucking the women and the man - actually - not getting much in return.

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