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"If you try to resist us, then I am ready to kill you, even in the courtroom. I wouldn't be a man if I didn't kill you."*

This is what a Chechen police officer said to Salekh and Ismail, the two young LGBT+ torture survivors who were arrested earlier this year by Russian police and forcibly returned to their homeland.

Their mother, who has fled Chechnya too, filmed an appeal asking for help and accusing the police of fabricating the legal case against her children. After that, Chechen authorities detained at least twenty relatives of the two young men for a few hours: They wanted to know where their parents were in order to force them back to Chechnya.

Ismail just recently turned 18 in a detention centre in Grozny, the Chechen capital. He now risks up to 15 years in prison for a crime he and his brother Salekh were forced to confess but didn’t commit.

Today marks the 4th sad anniversary of one of the most shocking events in the history of our global LGBT+ community: the state-sponsored kidnapping, torturing, and killing of LGBT+ people in Chechnya.

We're continuing to fight back – working month after month with activists in Russia to speak out for people like Salekh and Ismael, as this state-sponsored violence continues.

You've donated to support this work before – thank you so much. But we still have a long way to go.

Help fuel this work in the months ahead by becoming an Equality Champion – our group of monthly donors – today. Click here to start your monthly donation.

Thank you for your commitment to fight for LGBT+ lives in Chechnya!



John Bellamy Comments:

Some on the UK gay scene are vile, arrogant assholes. We have all met them. We all know who and what I mean. Self centred. Selfish. Opionated but wrong in their opinions. Up themselves and nothing and no one is of concern to them as long as they are arranging their next shag - even during lockdown, and many on the gay scene do the rest of us no favours and just spread a bad reputation for the LGBTQ Comunity.

Look at the self centred assholes who decided to take a gay sex cruise in Mexico a couple of months ago - during lockdown,- putting hundreds of people at risk of Covid19 and especially as their boat sank and scores were involved in saving them - and all because they couldn't resist the search for cock - and all during a global pandemic but - well you know some gay men - NO CONTROL AT ALL - and it is these gay men who do us a bad service.

Again, send these fools to Russia to live for a month and see how they get on living in hiding, fearful of a beating or a bullet. Fearful even your family would / could be arrested and intimidated, held for weeks on end, no phone call - no rights - where the police and officials do - more or less - what they want - and you are fucked - and not in a nice way.

What are they so afraid of ? The picture to the right indicates love between two men and - I assume, this frightens the authorities and scares the willies of straight men who are clearly - not so straight as why else are they so fearful of gay men ? Why are men so afraid of gay men ? There is only one answer - and it is NOT because it is damned in the Bible as who reads or believes and follows the biblical teachings - ANSWER - ALMOST NO ONE - and any gay Christian who claims otherwise is a liar... YOU EAT PORK - RABBIT - SHELL FISH - and all sorts and all forbidden in the Bible, so NO ONE lives, eats, believes and follow the biblical teachings as we all know them to be edited and massively mistranslated and anyone claiming otherwise is wrong. Damning others in accordance with this book of fiction ; - Claiming others should be murdered because their lifestle is different to that laid down in this book :- Claiming anything against another using this book as a reference to what you believe is right or wrong in accordance with God - would only partly be true - The part that states we should not lie steal, murder etc... is common sense - and correct - but a vast majority is simply bigoted bullshit designed to limit the human soul consciousness and the church does not want ANY OF US actually reaching God but to stay exactly where we are, trapped slaves to the church - emotional slaves - and worst of all - spiritual slaves.

The church and its teachings are NOT about assisting your journey to God at all, in fact, it is the very reverse, it is designed to garner control - FIRST AND FOREMOST - Control over the human soul and to hell with anyone who considers this wrong and you will be rounded up and after torture, burned to death for herecy - but not against humankind, but against the church, the business, the corporation of Church officials who deem themselves equal to, as powerful as, God himself, and they claim they speak for God and this is the most evil, th most vile and the worst control of the human slave stock imagineable.

And this fear of gays has been handed down through the ages BY THE FUCKING CHURCH with its bullshit lies and deception to hide the fact that the gays had the power the church feared and so damned and destroyed in case the truth is discovered and their cover is blown and the world finds out what evil they have been up to and the mass murder - mass genocide - perpertrated by the very institution claiming to be here for us - yet damn and destroy anywhere and everywhere they go.

If you are offended by anything I write, I do not care a fuck. If it means it gets you thinking for yourself. If it means it gets you searching for a book or some other means of findng out more for yourself.

If it means you start to doubt what you thought was real and truthful.

If you start to open your mind and your perception to what you previously considered factual and if you open your heart to new ways, then you are one with God and the Universe, if you do not, than you should change your name to Putin and admit you are a closed minded scared little boy running away from the reality of every day life and believe the Bible is right and everyone who is LGBTQ is going to hell.

Homophobia is largely from gay men, in hiding & in denial - living a lie and damning those who are out.



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--------------------------------------,ENS IN TIMATE WEEK

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