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I'm shrinking

John: Had to e mail you concerning the fact that I am shrinking.

I was always 6'2" and since turning 60 - so 8 years ago now, I am now only 5'11"

My waist however has gained somewhat - from a 32" waist for the last 50 years, it is now 36".

But the saddest thing, the one thing I have noticed of late, is the size of my dick.

I was always well hung. A good solid 9 inches - and a genuine 9 inches and not a 'gay 9inches' which is really 7". I have a big thick 9 " uncut dick.

It is now just under 8" and not as thick.

I know certain body parts change with age and became saggier and looser, and I have to admit my balls have hung lower than before, so no complaints there, but my dick ... I am heartbroken to have lost over an inch and I have no idea where it has gone.

Admittedly I have prostate problems and not the sex life I use to have - and if and when I vacuum pump my dick it comes back to its fill glorious 9 inches, but if I do not pump and if I just get a natural hard on in the night - it is so much smaller, so much thinner and so much less of a handful.

It has also started to bend slightly to the right, half way down the shaft, which it never use to.

I actually woke the other night with a hard on and I actually got out of bed and switched the light on to see this - very handsome yet much smaller dick than I have been use to, and while I appreciate I am not 16 any more, is it common for the dick to shrink in this manner ?

David B.


JB Answers:

Aging. As you get older, your penis and testicles may get slightly smaller. One reason is the buildup of fatty deposits in your arteries reducing blood flow to your penis. This can cause withering of the muscle cells in the spongy tubes of erectile tissue inside your penis.

Most of the time, penis shrinkage is related to age, medication, or lifestyle habits, such as smoking or weight gain, and rarely requires treatment. Adopting more healthful lifestyle habits or changing medication can often reverse shrinkage and reduce other sexual problems.

Most men can begin shrinking in height in their 30s, according to some research. Men can gradually lose an inch between the ages of 30 to 70, and if you sit around a lot, or like me, you are hunched over a computer a lot, you become more round shouldered and so - your height will register as shorted.

The expression ' If you don't use it - you loose it ' is true. Men who rarely have sex and rarely jack off will find their dicks shrink considerably. Men who maintain a healthy and regular sex life, even if just wanking, find it easier to maintain size. Like anything, even a car will have a flat battery if left long enough without being used - and the same goes for your body parts.

It is also very beneficial to maintain a regular wanking schedule to keep your prostate clear and functioning regularly. I told this to a friend years ago and he turned straight to his wife and said ' Do I have to do this alone or with company' - and his wife just said ' You'll be doing it alone.' and THAT is why many straight men struggle with a shit sex life and find their dick shrinking.


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