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it's all a load of balls.

I have had a huge amount of input from you concerning Ball Weights and Cock and Ball Toys lately and it seems the pictures of guys with ball weights on - was the most viewed page on this Blog for some time - so here are some more for your enjoyment.

Remember, if you wince and assume it hurts then you are missing the point and need to accept we are all different.

Above is another FREE PROMO for a company that specializes in underwear for the bigger man and personally, I love them.

John. have to share this,. After attending your Cock and Ball weekend I bought myself a SOUND - and a VACUUM PUMP and even went as far as to buy some of the steel ball weights and OMG JOHN -I wear them all the time and love the feel of the weights pulling down on my balls. I cannot wear as many weights as you as your balls hang lower than mine, and I have to thank you for introducing me to some things I would never have thought of or try and yet did - within your workshop weekend, and I am so glad I did. I absolutely LOVE my ball weights .


OMG John, your last picture set of guys with weights attached to their balls, shocked me at first and I had to look away and then, I realised I was getting a stiffy and went back to the pictures and became fascinated with the length, how low some guys balls hung, and I was hooked. Bought a ball weight of my own and wear it around the flat with pride and love feeling my balls swinging away and keeps me horned up all day. I would never have dreamed of such a thing but thanks to you, at 56 years of age, I have discovered a whole new toy... my balls. Thanks John. Robert.

Dear John: I always saw my low hanging balls as a bit of a nuisance, as no one I have even met had balls that hung as low as mine and I was forever sitting on them and was forced to wear tight underwear to keep them out of the way, and uncomfortable wasn't the word. Damned annoying ... Then I saw your piece on here for WILDMAN and I bought a couple of pairs and after experiencing the comfort and joy at being catered for with my big balls, I have ordered a dozen pairs, all different, and THANK YOU JOHN, for your promo of this company. Maybe there is a weekend for guys with extra big balls at your place some weekend ?

I'd love to attend and meet other guys who also have big balls, whether pumped or natural.


Remember, if you think it looks painful, you are wrong. PERIOD.

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