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This is Jimmy and myself one Christmas past.

Not sure which Christmas or even where the picture was taken.

Jimmy visited us here dozens and dozens of times over the years and was almost a Fixture and Fitting of the venue. Most the time I didn't even charge him as he helped around the place and was such a thoughtful and kind man. Some guests thought he was staff as every time they visited, he was here as well and the way he pottered around Hammy Hall sweeping the garden, going to the dump for us, bringing little things in for the hotel all the time, many thought he lived here or was staff. He was always putting others first.

Jimmy was from Glasgow and although he lived in Corby, his Scottish accent left many with puzzled looks on their faces - looks of complete confusion - and while you could fill in the blanks of any lost parts of a conversation, it was hard work and Jimmy's accent was strong.

I met a local lad, homeless and sleeping on the streets and we offered him help, and when it became too much - going to court all the time as the lad was always in trouble, Jimmy took the lad under his wing and helped him for many years. Now - this was not grooming - as Jimmy had children of his own - around the same age, and it hurt to see this lad in need of a father figure, and that's the relationship Jimmy offered and the lad eventually had 3 children and fought for parental rights and Jimmy helped all the way. No grooming. No ulterior motive, Just a kind hearted man helping a lad in need of some adult help. A really thoughtful and kind man who just wanted to assist.

He always had a smile on his face and always up for a laugh and he really did become part of the family.

I went nude camping some years ago with a friend and Jimmy turned up with his car CRAMMED full of stuff and after we helped him put his tent up, he emptied his car and GOOD GOD - talk about the Tardis, goodness knows how he got so much stuff into it as he has the tent FILLED with Christmas decorations ( this was June ) and talk about carrying your home with you, I think he had enough stuff in his car to fill several homes let alone a tent.

We didn't hear from him during lockdown except I did receive a phone call from a friend of his saying Jimmy was in hospital with Dementia - and this was 2 years ago now and I wondered if anyone out there might have some more information on Jimmy to share with us.

Hamilton Hall has been here - open and offering - for 23 years now and in that time we have met thousands and many become regulars and some become good dear friends, and when illness of even death takes them, we do feel it here, we do notice the absence and we do ' wonder what ever happened to ----- '

When I was a sex worker, there were hundreds of regular customers and sometimes you don't miss them for a while until you suddenly stop and wonder where they are - and sometimes they have just gone elsewhere - and why not - variety is the spice of life - while sadly at other times they are ill or have died, and when you hear, it does upset.

One gent discovered Hamilton Hall, visited a few times and was making plans to move in here to live and was so excited, but broke his leg somehow some place and this dragged him down and mysteriously, it killed him and it was so sad when we heard as he was so excited about Hammy Hall and the future he was planning. So sad.

It is to be expected as the decades pass.

So if you know anything about Jimmy, do drop a line or call and we can chat as he was a super friend and we do miss him here.

Love you Jimmy. Love you dearly and thanks for all the happy times shared as I offer you my undying love and light and thanks for the memories, you will never be forgotten and we joke about you here often, usually how we couldn't understand a word you said... ha ha

If you know anything about Jimmy, please let us know.

John Bellamy

and you know what, I have no idea what Jimmy's surname was. After all the years he was just Jimmy....


John: I remember Jimmy well. Could never understand a word he said. It was such fun as he would chatter on and I would nod and make various noises as if I was with the conversation and when it finished, I would wonder WTF ? It was such fun and he was always so kind towards you and Hamilton Hall, would always speak very highly of you.

Russell ---------------------------- Sorry I cannot hep you find Jimmy. Just wanted to say how much I respected what he did for that young lad Marcus over the years. He was such a good father figure to the lad and it was very praise worthy. He helped that lad stay out of jail and trouble and helped him get his life sorted for no other reason than it was the decent thing to do. He is / was a wonderful man. Neil


Jimmy was well suited to Hamilton Hall John. The two of you were definitely meant to meet as you both have hearts of gold and both do a lot for others and both put yourselves out to help and assist and for that, I remember Jimmy all too well and he was / is such a kind and thoughtful man, always there for others, much as you are John. I do hope he is okay and if we do not see him again, I hope he is happy wherever he is. Elliott


Every time I visited Hamilton Hall , Jimmy was there. He always recognised me and greeted me warmly and it took me a couple of visits to realize he was not employed there, but a guest. He would tell me how HH worked, where the teas were and when dinner was - and he certainly was good for HH, even if confusing the shit out of me with his strong Glaswegian accent. We must have met at least a dozen times ( just shows how often I visit HH huh ? ) and it was always as if it was just a few days and not many months between. He was an absolute gem and I shall always remember him with great affection. Ronnie


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