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Johnny Depp - John Bellamy shares his own personal story of being abused in a relationship.

There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for Hollywood to effectively blacklist Johnny Depp. Yet they pretty much did it, anyway. He was accused of all sorts of heinous acts of violence by his ex-from-hell, Amber Heard. It was the time of “believe all women”, and “always listen to her!”, he was #MeToo’d and seemed over and done for…
…but the truth came out — he was the victim. She, the abuser. The evidence for this is staggering and public opinion flipped and did a complete 180:
Amber Heard, as it turned out, has a history of physically abusing former partners, one even calling the police on her for an altercation at an airport shortly before she began dating Depp
Amber Heard was literally caught on camera saying: “No one will believe you if you tell them I hit you. Tell them, go ahead! No one will believe you!”
Amber Heard mocked Johnny Depp and goaded him into retaliating after repeatedly hitting, slapping, kicking, biting and even cutting him
Amber Heard literally took a shit in his bed, right next to his pillow — I can hardly think of a more disturbing and disgusting act.
Amber Heard cheated on Depp with Elon Musk, one of the world’s richest men, the minute Depp started experiencing major financial problems and had served his use for Heard, becoming more of a liability.

( she may be seen as beautiful on the outside but it appears that on the inside, she is far from beautiful... she is a monster . )

Amber Heard plied Depp with alcohol and drugs, taking advantage of his addiction issues and recording him in drunken stupor, taking pictures of him passed out and puking himself and gleefully sharing it to the media to ridicule him

He then made one mistake.


He hit her back. He hit the abusive, violent, disgusting harpy back. Heard then ran to some tabloids with doctored photographs of her bruised face making her ‘injury’ look far worse than it really was, and had her husband labeled a “wife beater” in the media.

I now have tons of respect for him as he took a lot, and it destroyed his career and cost him hugely, and all - it turns out, because he kept quiet and put up with it. He was a decent man who was abused by a women with hidden agendas and hidden demons and Johnny Depp has to be admired for what he put up with and how it has cost him in all ways.

Depp sued The Sun, the tabloid that called him a wife beater. He lost the case because he did technically beat Heard, even if it was in self-defense. His career is still in danger, Amber Heard still gets more projects. He’s been all-but cancelled, and she hasn’t been. It’s probably Hollywood’s greatest injustice right now and I hope to live long enough to see Depp vindicated by the media because this is absolute BULLSHIT.
John Bellamy Comments:

I was quick to jump on the bank wagon of ' Bad Boy Depp ' and believe her and when the truth came out that he was the victim and I had to re evaluate - and apologise to the Johnny Depp's of the world for immediately believing the women's side of the story even though as a rule - I am ALWAYS AWARE THAT THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY . Having dug a little deeper it turns out that as it states above, he was the victim of domestic violence and see how quick people are to blame him when the truth is the reverse.

Physical violence and bullying by women towards men is HUGE - and yet largely goes unreported because men feel un manly - they feel ashamed, belittled, spoken down to and they feel embarrassed to report that a woman in beating on them and as soon as they hit back, BOY THE SCREAMS AND ACTION THAT TAKES PLACE AS A WIFE BEATER - but not a fucking word about how she beats on him first.

If someone was to hit me in a row, I have every right to hit them back, and if a women hits a man and he hits her back, then sorry, but she started it and if she comes off worse, then ,maybe she should have thought about that BEFORE hitting first.

Some women know exactly how to play the system and how to get the publics support even when they have done wrong. Many cry and plead how afraid, how in danger of their lives they were and nothing could be further from the truth. Many women use the system and betray the trust we have in the system and one only has to watch Judge Judy to see how many women DO NOT GET AWAY WITH IT while crying and playing the victim when the exact opposite is true, THEY can be the monsters, the abuser and THEY are often the ones who hit and THEY are all too often the bully and the man pays the price.

MY OWN STORY OF ABUSE I feel desperately sorry for anyone who is in an abusive relationship as I was in one for 4 years and because I was living with my abusive lover in the USA, and while his friends all said to go and talk with them if ever things got too hard, and while I could - I never did as they were his friends and I stupidly felt alone even though there actually were people who understood, I felt alone and put up with it. Twice he tried to kill me and twice there was nothing - not even an apology the next day when he sobered up and I was suppose just ' get over it ' and he would treat me to a wonderful trip to Hawaii for a month to make up for it, but then when on Hawaii, something else would bug him and all over again, another fight where he would beat on me and I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to and I was afraid to leave - yet afraid to stay - and I felt useless, weak, and nothing I did seemed to help. I would be the perfect partner but when he had a drink or a line or two of coke - I was there as a punch bag to act out his inner demons that had nothing to do with me and more to do with many aspects of his upbringing. Even my own Mother when I told her how he would beat me up said - ' Just be quiet more. Stop arguing back. Let him have his way. '

and my answer was always the same

' I am NOT WITH THIS MAN FOR HIS MONEY - I am with this man because I love him dearly., we are a pair - lovers - not a man and his dog - or a man and his slave - I am his equal even if not financially, we are in this relationship TOGETHER and I should not have to shut up - and put up with anything.'

Doing otherwise makes me a whore and this was long before I actually became a sex worker and he was the reason I did so as eventually when we split he left me absolutely destitute. A man with multi millions dumped his lover back in the UK with pennies - and I went from destitute to prostitute after having a vision that showed me the way forward - and I have never looked back. Being a sex worker made me a rich man. Quickly.

While 30 years later, and while we still spoke on the phone occasionally and through e mail, and where he bragged about his lifestyle and things and places and cruises he was taking, proved to be fake for the last 8 years leading up to 2015 as he had lost every single dime - completely broke and was reliant on friends helping with a room to live in and he was absolutely penniless.

His wealth impressed my Mother MUCH more than it even did me as I couldn't care about his wealth - oh it was lovely but I would be happy in a caravan with someone unemployed and on the dole as long as it was a loving relationship, I am NOT a snob when it comes to power and wealth and money, it never did impress me - and to ' shut up and put up' with an abusive man just because he was rich and so 'shut up and put up... ' --- NO FUCKING WAY...

That just gives him permission to continue. ONLY BY SPEAKING UP and announcing your displeasure at someone else's bad behaviour do they even know it is wrong. Because he was brought up in a household where a certain level of abuse was common ( see - even rich people have problems ) and because it was never discussed afterwards, this is how he assumed it should be and after every single beating / fight I would want to talk the next day and sort through this and find a solution but that was never going to happen as he would arrogantly just pass it of as ' shut up and put up or fuck off' - and there is no answer to that.

I felt trapped.

When he was sober or drug free, he was the kindest and most loving man - a real gentle giant, but - and the but was a very big BUT - he had his inner demons that came out to play when he had had a few drinks and I dreaded those evenings.

I remember once in Mexico running away from him when he came at me with a broken coca cola bottle in a hotel room in Guadalajara Mexico - and I ran down 19 flights of stairs as I was afraid the elevator would take to long to arrive and he was chasing me with this broken bottle, and I fled. Got to reception and tried calling one of his Mexican friends on the phone and not speaking Spanish - I had to go back to the hotel room as I had no passport with me - no money - nothing - and I desperately feared going back but didn't know what else to do. I was 28 at the time and while he was on the bed in the room crying saying how upset he as that I actually ran away from him - FUCK ME IF HE DIDN'T CONTINUE HITTING ME.

Don't get we wrong, I eventually started to hit back and BOY this was horrible as I am not a fighter and neither was he and we would go at it - fists flying and nothing hitting a target like a nose or a jaw - it was always deflected with an arm and we both would be exhausted- but he being bigger and stronger - while I was faster - it never ended well.

There was one afternoon when he attacked me in our home in Palo Alto California, and I threw a load of pencils at him ( I was doing art work ) and he was more concerned with all these pencils coming at him and didn't see me flying through the air behind the pencils until it was too late, and in mid flight I caught him by his shirt front and the momentum pushed him back against the lounge wall - hard - and with my weight added, it winded him and he was completely crumpled when I SCREAMED while waving a fist under his nose that ' IF YOU EVER FUCKING HIT ME AGAIN I WILL HIT YOUR FUCKING TEETH SO FAR DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT YOU WON'T NEED A FUCKING TOOTH BRUSH ANY MORE ' - and BOY did he get it.

BOY did he get that he had gone too far this time and BOY did he ever say sorry for the very first time - but the real apology was a new BMW in the drive the next week, which I knew was a peace offering I sent straight back and as I stated - 'JUST LEARN TO APOLOGISE DARRYL, JUST SAY SORRY AND STOP BUYING YOUR FORGIVENESS.'

I truly understand when women are afraid to leave and state how loving the partner is when not in a mood, and this goes the other way as well with men being the ones afraid to say or do anything in case it causes yet another row and beating. My own niece's little girl is just 9 years of age and all the family are aware how problematic she is. Normal family life. No problems at all but she was born with some inner demon that flares up and her parents and grandparents ( my brother and his wife ) all have absolutely no idea what starts her off, she is a demon in a frock, and she is going to be one hell of a hand full if she does not learn a different way and either she will be an abuser or she might just change, but currently - she is appalling - her mood swings for absolutely no reason at all HAS to be diet as there can be nothing else, but until they get it sorted, IF EVER - she will be very hard for any man to cope with.

I was wrong when I immediately judged Johnny Depp as the abuser and wrong in assuming anything until the truth came out.

We are ALL wrong when we judge another in a domestic setting as there really is two ways of seeing anything and many people just do not know when to stop, when to shut up, when enough is enough and when to just walk away but when involved and when in the middle of something like this, it can be hard to walk away - and this creates havoc and pain and fights and bloody noses and heads and even death and maybe all because of something small that gets blown out of all proportions and people suffer.

It's been a long time since Darryl hit me - we split in 1985 - and I do desperately feel sorry that the end of his life must have been appalling, having always been use to money all his life to eventually end up broke but - as with most things in life, he spent the money ( largely on crystal meth ) and he lived the lifestyle and could have rescued himself years before but it seems, he drove straight for the cliff and continued driving against all warnings and he ended up well and truly fucked, compared to his life up until that time with wealth and power and then - it was all gone. Tragic.


The abuser who was really struggling himself emotionally and mentally just took it out on me at the time and the real pain - was his. I escaped his horrors, while clearly - he did not.

John Bellamy ------------------------------------------

Your comments are welcome on any aspect of this article. Or anything you read on here. ------------------------------------------


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