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Dear John: I am trans. I transitioned in 1982 and my name is Melanie. I attended one of your Trans weekends over a decade ago and had a wonderful time.

I have been reading your Newsletter for some time and following what is happening around the world and I'm appalled at how the modern trans community are acting. Absolutely appalled.

No discretion. No trying to educate those less knowledgeable. Just screaming their entitlement with absolute and complete lies and not even misinformation or half truths, but blatant lies about being trans and this is causing the whole trans community to worry. It sets us up for a fall and I have seen the violence towards trans escalate hugely in the past few years since these big mouthed and quite frankly - a disgrace to the trans word - youngsters who have such an attitude problem. They seem to indicate that the world owes them something, when no one owes them anything at all. They are their own worst enemies. This drags the rest of us down to their low level of behaviour and that is where I take a stand.

The older generation of trans men and women just got on with their lives and didn't rant and rave all the time - didn't make such a big deal out of everything and it certainly was not full of self centred, egotistical fuck ups screaming if and when someone calls them the wrong pronoun.

There I said it. Too many fuck ups in the new generation of trans kids.

I was a gay man before I transitioned and the gay scene was a safe place to hide - while many trans are heterosexual - but the gay scene does not appreciate straight trans as they have nothing in common and I get it. Most trans are straight and not gay so why are they hanging around the gay scene ? Why do trans feel a comadre towards gay men as gay men have nothing in common and most gay men I know - have no trans friends at all, and why are we so mixed up in the LGB world - trans is a completely different thing altogether.

Trouble is John, the recent mouthy screaming trans who scream for attention are just riding on the coat tails of what gay men did for decades in order to get acceptance in law and the trans world offered precious little to help and now, are screaming and going about it all wrong and destroying a lot of the good work done by the gay community. Trans are eating their own - shooting themselves in the foot and generally putting the people against trans because of their quite obnoxious attitude and behaviour.

I cannot have a menstrual cycle, get pregnant as I am not a women, I am a Trans Woman, and that means I am a man on the inside - my frame - with the appearance of a women, but no womb etc. My partner of 10 years is a Trans Man - and while he has a dick and balls, they do not supply spunk / sperm and he cannot sire a child any more than I can. He is a TRANS man - so has a female frame - and while a manly bearded hairy chested man that no one would suspect as being born originally female, he looks for all the world to be male. He does not feel the need to proclaim to all and sundry how he was born a girl.

From an old tranny who went through years - decades - of medical stuff, being accepted at work that first day dressed as a women, taking the ridicule and jokes to being accepted as who I was and now these youngsters come along, all mouthy and bitter and make demands and completely ruin the trans world by their messed up attitude and the rest of us get dragged along with these people yet we do not follow their aims at all.

There are clearly just too many mental health problems going on and screaming abuse at others is not supporting trans rights at all, it does exactly the opposite and even I am sick of trans the way they behave.

Sorry to go on so much John. I am really sick of the trans world these days - it is political, radicalized and aggressive.

Most trans I know just want a quiet life. Not to demand to be centre of attention ALL THE DAMNED TIME.

Hearts to you John for all your hard work. Melania.


Thanks for your e mail Melania. I do actually remember you from our events all those years ago. Sadly Jessica, who arranged those special weekends, died some time ago and it all stopped.

I COMPLETELY support your rights of trans man and women - 100% - and I will call you by your chosen name and sex and everything else, as I completely respect - and I have marched for LGB and even T rights over the years - I have hosted Trans / CD / weekends here many times and had a great time with the ladies and I have always admired the bravery involved - but when a male to female trans takes on women in sports and wins hands down, this destroys women's sports and it will soon be dominated by trans and not real women as they simply cannot compete.

Any trans man claiming to have given birth did so while they were still a woman and still has all her ladies parts so IT IS NOT A MAN GIVING BIRTH - IT IS BOLLOCKS. ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS.

When we see trans dressed like this ' person ' here, is it no wonder so many laugh at trans, and why they get such negative press and lack of respect. The mental health on show here is sad and clear for all to see. Everyone gets lumped into the same basket of Tragic Tranny if and when they act in this manner and the general public are revolted. People need time to learn and grow - and screaming it in peoples faces gets you backlash. The gay world took over 50 years campaigning for what rights we now hold in law, but there are still those who would murder us in our beds and see us as evil - and with more countries turning their backs on LGBT rights and damning and outlawing and persecuting people just for being different, is growing around the world and we cannot be complacent. Pissing off the public with outrageous claims and demands hurts the rest of the LGB crowd you have attached yourselves to.

Is it Les Dawson ?

For the first time I support Piers Morgan as he discusses with so many trans who seem hell bent on lying and giving mistruths and if they actually believe what they say, then there is something very seriously wrong somewhere.

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