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'Mickey Mouse has gone woke!' Disney sparks backlash

'Mickey Mouse has gone woke!' Disney sparks backlash as it changes

'boys and girls' greeting to 'dreamers of all ages' across its parks in bid to be more 'gender inclusive'

Disney World has changed its greeting from 'boys and girls' to be more inclusive
The greeting used by the theme park has been changed to 'dreamers of all ages'
The new greeting came to light at a fireworks display at Orlando's theme park
But the change is believed to be implemented across all of Disney's theme parks

JB Comments:

So is Donald Ducks name to be changed to Donald Drake - as he is male. Or is he ? Maybe Donald was originally Denise and is trans - or maybe even gay ? Maybe Mickey Mouse really has a thing for Pluto - and maybe they have a mixed species relationship, dog and mouse and as for the Princess, maybe she is waiting for her lesbian lover and not some chap we call a Prince at all, maybe what she wants is something a lot less penile and more clitorial. The Prince, well we all know he wants to shag the stable boy - and of cource, who wouldn't want to change places with Goldilocks with the 3 hairy bears all crammed together for the winter... and as for that Tinkerbell, well the stories I have heard about her having mixed species sex with half the animals in the Disney world is - quite frankly, not for children...

The Evil Queen is actually a pissed off drag artist who has lost the shine and Sheriff Woody can get a woddy for me anytime, he is after all, a cowboy and I definately think Buzz Lightyear has a thing for Woody, although keeps it secret as he is a space fearing hero and cannot be seen to be - excuse me - GAY - he is after all, a macho man and gays cannot possibly be macho ... surely ?

Shock Horror...

Of course, the reputation that lingers on about Walt Disney enjoying the company of children a little too closely still lingers in the minds of those who know some ancient history - ( he has been dead since 15 December 1966 ) and the corporation he designed and left behind has gone way beyond what anyone could have possibly dreamed of it becoming, as a global powerhouse not just in movies, but real estate, hotels and leisure, film studios, cruise ships and so much more.

Many of us will look at this announcement and go ' Oh for fuck;'s sake - what next ?' and feel exasperated that every grain of sand, every idea possible, will have its own gender, its own identity and its own label to tie it down to a definate thing recognised by the attached label, and considering I consider myself so much more than just a gay man, so much more than the label attached and so much more than any label could suggest, it comes over as somewhat sad that so many insist on a label that so limits them. They want to feel included in the human race even though - they are.

This is like the quiet person in the room who never says a word - complaining they never get a chance to speak up and be heard and so shouts all sorts of silly things - just to be heard - and everyone says - ' We know dear, we have always known dear - so why are you shouting the bleeding obvious.'

Some things do not need saying.

Some things do not need a label.

Some things just are, and as Freud said -

'Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar.'

Think about that.

Let it sink in.

The worlds finest mind on dealing with the human psyche says that sometimes, things just are as they are - it is what it is - a cigar is just a cigar - STOP TRYING TO CHANGE IT, MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING, STIR UP TROUBLE AND CAUSE FRICTION JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN TO GARNER ATTENTION, A LABEL THAT HELPS YOU FEEL AS IF YOU ARE NOW INCLUDED, WHEN YOU ALWAYS WERE.

I have absolutely no problem with someone being gay, lesbian, trans and any of the labels they wish to wear. I DO NOT however expect it shoved down my throat and being patronised by those for not understanding or knowing anything about the label they have chosen to adhere to. Their choice and I respect that. I am always open to learning new things - Shame then that so many cannot accept and respect others for their choices and like to damn and destroy while agreeing that certain labels are fine while others are not.

If you were born with a penis - you are male.

If you are born with a vagina - you are female.

Where your mind, heart and soul resides within that spectrum between male and female is an emotional rollercoaster for many trying to figure out their sexual journey forward and many confused people are not really helped by the current labels, it just helps to confuse and add more fuel for the fire. Many will attack out of ignorance as gay or straight, that was easy - but with so many sexualities for so many to fear and be bigoted about, it's open season and even I am confused.

It was so much easier when we were just straight or queer. We knew where we stood. We knew the rules of the game.

Now it just confuses the hell out of me.

In my world, everyone is welcome. All sexualities or none at all. So be you a rampant cock sucker, butt fucker, fanny muncher, tit licker and whether you feel male or female, gender neutral or unknown or an alien from another planet, as long as you are nice, as long as you are polite, as long as you are accepting and as long as you love and do not become a banner waver for yourself - which is boring - then I accept everyone for who they choose to be and whether male or famale, gay or straight, HUMAN - WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS FIRST AND FOREMOST and who you feel you are - who you choose - to be - is up to you and has little to do with me, so own your space, your heart and your soul and be happy with who you are and then you do not need wave the banner and scream for attention, as if you are happy within your own skin - YOU WON'T NEED TO.

Disney, like the rest of the world, is buying into labeling everyone and everything and sometimes, it really is not necessary and if one or two people are offended, GROW THE FUCK UP - it's a childrens park after all although I suppose we need to call them ' small adults' for fear of being labeled racist, bigots, sexist or another label that once again, limits.

It spoils so much. It limits and confuses, It puts you ' on guard' in case you say the wrong thing and then all hell breaks loose over a silly label.

For that's all it is a- a label.


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