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Never too old for a sex life.

John. I am now 72 years of age. I always considered myself straight but throughout my teenage years my dick went from just an average dick to a monstrous 14inches long and 9 inches around and every girlfriend I had - just said - 'NO FUCKING WAY' and I never got any sex at all for such a long time until - one magic day, in a mens toilet, a gay man propositioned me and while I had never done anything like that before, he blurted out that he knew exactly how to pleasure a dick like mine and I was getting harder and harder by the second.

He initially wanked me off there and then and I came in a rats short minute, and we met later that evening and for the first time I experienced actually fucking someone and by gosh, he knew exactly how to take my monster balls deep and again, I came in seconds. We met often after that and I learned to take it slow and how to fuck for a age without coming too soon. It was a struggle but he loved sucking on my monster as well and while it was simply too long and far too thick, he did a half decent job and thoroughly enjoyed my foreskin.

I then spent most of my life with a gaggle of gay men gagging and humping on my dick and I found such pleasure with the one thing all women refused - and that made me feel bad about myself, but these gay men taught me the value and the worth of my monster. While I still consider myself straight, it has been gay men all the way for a sex life and I wouldn't change a thing. And my name really is Dick ( Richard ) Moby.

As an older man, tell us about your sex life and how it has changed with age.

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