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tales from a sex worker

The phone rings.

I answer " Hello, can I help you? "

" Hi - I saw your advert in the gay press - can you tell me about yourself and your service.? "

"Certainly. I am - 33 - 6'1" tall, slim, smooth, suntanned athletic physique, I work out 3 days a week so in good shape. Hung about 9 cut and thick. Big low hanging balls. Handsome with short dark hair, I have a moustache otherwise clean shaven. I offer a fully active service and it is £ *** for an hour with shower and refreshments fully inclusive. I am a 4 minute walk from the station in Hammersmith. If you wish to come round, just give me a call from Hammersmith Station and I can give you the address and details from there, it's just a 4 minute walk.'

Maybe an hour later the door bell rings and I open the door to a complete stranger who could and would look like any / every single man between the ages of 16 - 90 - and from all walks of life, millionaires to the unemployed, skinny to enormous, smooth to hairy, cut, uncut - LITERALLY every man is a typical client, so when you open the door you have absolutely no idea what you are expecting - and remember - you are expecting to have sex with this stranger.

You say the usual pleasantries to make him feel at home while inviting him in and up to your sex room / dungeon - and offer hot or cold refreshments. While the kettle is boiling you invite him to take his things off and leave in a certain area and then tell him to get up on the massage / fuck bench / bed - face down.

The lights are dim. the music just perfect for the scene - the room is warm and is sexy and regardless of who it is - you perform just the same as if the client is stunning and very you - or is completely the reverse and you grit your teeth and plod through it regardless.

If smelly - they shower first.

If they want to get fucked, then you try first with toys and if those toys don't come out clean, I aint going in there - condom on or not. I would point out that when having sex, personally or with a sex worker, it is nice and appreciative if they clean themselves first and if they need to use the loo and / or wash a cheesy foreskin, then as I have a full shower room, it is polite to meet me half way and at least be clean - and there was more than a few I would tell off for expecting me to tolerate really bad BO or a shitty ass - and you may be paying me, BUT - YOU have to prepare for me as much as I do for you. How would you like the sex worker to have BO and smell bad - How would you like it if you sucked the sex worker dick and it tasted of the rubber condom from fucking the last client. How would that make you feel ?

Some clients complain when you cannot get a stiffy to fuck them with - yet offer a shitty ass and wonder why you are turned off. I would - politely - explain that as I do not like fucking shitty asses, and as that smell alone kills my hard on dead - they might like to consider my feelings next time and at least - take a dump and / or simply wash first. I would always make light of it - make a joke - and call the ass ' The Hershey Highway' - ( Hershey is an American chocolate bar - so do you get the joke ??? )

Some clients expect anything and everything for their money and forget that any sex worker will only offer what they feel safe in offering and that will change from client to client.

If you have a smelly cheesy tight foreskin, don't expect to get it sucked. Nothing is more of a turn off.

If you have beautiful dick, then you might get it sucked and sucked by an old pro like you have never had head before. Remember, I am an expert at sex.

Lorry drivers, I found, like ladies underwear and will turn up with it on. It makes me want to giggle my head off but you act all serious and sexy and claim it is a real turn on for you and 'PHWOAR YOU LOOK SEXY IN THOSE STOCKINGS' - while grimacing a smile that is hiding laughter and - not revulsion as it takes more than that - much more - just - I suppose laughter. Here we have a 60 year old stocky hairy man in bra and panties, stockings and a garter belt, and it does make you want to laugh, but you don't.

Same with Tragic Trannies who clearly don't have a mirror at home. All kinks - all styles of sex - all things are okay with me as long as both parties are consensual and it is legal. From a tender and touching massage with a happy ending, to eating the shit out of my ass - ( I bet a few groaned there ... ) everything was available - at a price - and with a credit card as confirmation, I loved it all.

On an average day I would see at least 5 clients. The most I ever did in one day was 9. A full hour with each and time between clearing up - doing laundry and in the mornings, the gym and shopping. Afternoons - clients through until I was too knackered to take any more. Some evenings, an out call to The Ritz or some other 5 star hotel, where I never had problems getting in ( except once and that's another story ) and as this pays double to treble what an ' in call ' - where someone comes to me - costs, I enjoyed the outcalls.

I also took all the credit cards decades before anyone else in the sex industry took them and long before the internet and PayPal and this was a major bonus for those outcalls to hotels, as a guarantee of payment made and that if you get refused entry to the hotel, you are still paid. Win Win. At the end of a session I always offered a shower and while they were washing, I would lay out their clothes on the fuck table for them and chat as they dressed and made them feel at ease. It's easy to be embarrassed at times like this so I made sure to put them at ease.

I would see them to the door, all casual like, and say how much I enjoyed myself and how I hoped they might come again, and to have a safe journey and then RUSH to wash and get ready for the next client due any minute - and so the day continued.

One after the other.

I did not cum.

I had to get a stiffy and if I came with someone, then it is dead for a couple of hours - at least - so you pretend to cum - but don't - and then you can fuck again in 10 minutes time with the next client.

If a client wanted you to cum with them, that would be you out of service, so unless they paid handsomely or it was the end of the day for you, you held onto it and made an excuse.

I always made my clients feel as if they were my Number One ... the one I looked forward to seeing, the one I really enjoyed, and I always felt it important to put people at ease and not be full of attitude, as so many are - and hence I became the best, most rewarded and busiest sex worker in the UK for 15 years. Remember also, I gave a 5 STAR GOLD service and not some tacky bed sit in Earls Court with a crummy sex worker with a bad attitude.

I was the best and was flown to America twice a year to see one client;- Paris - Rome - Brussels - Edinburgh - and all over the UK - all to see clients and all who paid handsomely for my time and my sex.

I was the best. ( makes me giggle to remember back...)

After tens of thousands of clients - of having my dick sucked and fucking thousands of men, I never caught a single thing. I am still HIV Negative and never even had NSU, crabs or anything.

I was protected by my Guardian Angel - meanwhile I attended scores of funerals to many who died of AIDS ( remember this was 1985 - 2000 ) and grieved at the loss of so many - so young - and here was this old tart fucking his brains out hourly and never caught a thing.

After 15 years - there was a moment when I knew it was time to think about quitting. There was an instance that shook me and woke me to the fact that I was worthy of so much more - SO MUCH MORE - and while I was earning HUGE amounts of money, I knew there was something else for me in this life - and hence the long and complicated journey that brought me to selling up my home in London and buying Hamilton Hall. A massive life change at the age of 45 and I would have it no other way.

Prostitution paid for Hamilton Hall. . Hard work and my heart and soul is paying and praying for the rest.

The writer of this book states that of all the people he interviewed for the book, only one stuck out and that he knew would have a successful career outside of the sex industry, and that was case 106.

I was case 106.

John Bellamy


John: You won't remember me but I remember you as Christopher in your dungeon. I am going back to the middle 90's. Saw you years ago on the 3 IN A BED programme and always wondered what had become of you after leaving London. We met several dozen times at your place for sex and I did, actually, fall for you in many ways and stopped coming until I got my emotions under control. You were the first man I had sex with after my divorce and I longed for more and more. You helped me find my feet in the gay world with cautions and advise and I soon met a lover and have been together now for over 20 years. You were my intro to gay sex and a gay lifestyle and I am so glad to have Hamilton Hall as you really were a special person with so much to give.

I shall come visit some day and see if you recognise me.

Edward ( I lived back then in Clapham...)

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