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UK: The Phoney Pharaoh Bites The Dust

UK: The Phoney Pharaoh Bites The Dust By Michael Shrimpton -

September 13, 2023 ------------------- Michael Shrimpton is a customer of Hamilton Hall and contributes to this newsletter and whether you like his writings or not, he contributes and you do not have to follow. So have a read and see what your gray cells make of it. Your comments are always welcome and anything that causes, creates and gets you thinking, even if you disagree, is a good thing as it gets you thinking... and sadly, too many people don't think.


Mohammed Fayed (the ‘al’ was an affectation and not part of his real name), a.k.a. the Phoney Pharaoh, finally popped his clogs, no offense intended, on Wednesday, August 30th, 26 years to the day after his son Dodi and HRH the Princess of Wales were murdered by the DVD’s French black agency in Paris.

The date is unlikely to have been a coincidence. A long-term operative of theirs, he might have been bumped off by the DVD to make a point, especially if he was on the verge of talking. Alternatively, he might have committed suicide, overcome by remorse over his own role in the death of his son.

The reference to ‘HRH’ isn’t a mistake, by the way. UK divorce legislation was never extended to the Royal Family and has no application to marriages under the Royal Marriages Act. A Royal marriage can only be ended by a private Act of Parliament, applying Queen Caroline’s Precedent, albeit in that case the divorce bill was withdrawn.

Given what I know about the 1997 murders I suspect that poor old Fayed topped himself. Since he was party to the DVD’s 1999 assassination attempt on me, lending German assassin Boris Laputin the use of his penthouse in Park Lane, I trust that I shall be forgiven for not having sent flowers to his hastily arranged funeral. Had Laputin whacked me as planned I doubt that Fayed would have sent a wreath!


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