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Vintage Gay Life and Pictures.

When I was just 15 years of age - so 1970 - and working at a local hotel as a commis chef, one afternoon while wandering around Bournemouth town centre I came across this - somewhat tacky bookstore - that had all sorts of male nude magazines - but each was wrapped in paper so you could not see the whole front cover.

I was so excited as I had never seen a man naked before and although my take home pay each week from the hotel was £4.80p ( it's a long time ago ) one magazine I looked at with a massively hard dick in my pants - was 75p - and this was a lot of money - but I had to have it.

Not sure how I had the guts, but I bought it and wanked myself silly for weeks looking at the pictures of male genitalia, mens bare bodies and I was in a world of my own. No internet. No way of seeing male nudes and these pictures below, while we now call these VINTAGE - were new to me back then and was all that was available. I went on to meet my first lover at 16 and he was 42 and we lived together for over 8 years and while I was extremely naïve at first, the whole of the gay scene was naïve back in those days and there was no LGBT - no organisations offering support, no housing trusts or - come to that - HIV.

There was no Rainbow Flag just the PINK TRIANGLE from the Concentration camps which had a very powerful message attached about the brutal murder of gay and lesbians in the camps by the Nazi .

These were the days when gay men started to come together and start groups to fight for legalisation and it was GAY MEN WHO FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT with a few lesbians, but where were the trans in those days ?

It was gay men who started what is now called Pride - and was originally GAY PRIDE as who set it up, who did all the work, who stood their ground and who fought and created the gay world we see today - who started the ball rolling - GAY MEN and the trans community that seems so spite full, so full of vengeance, so full of bitterness and anger and DEMANDING various pronouns which just makes them the laughing stock - and where they seem to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again and it is only because of gay men setting the stage in the 1970's that any rights are now available

So enjoy some vintage pictures from - probably - more than 50 - 60 years ago and just think, probably every one in these pictures has been dead and buried a long time ago. But we can enjoy them in their prime and we can do so forever more.


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