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Why do you charge for spiritual workshops ?

This was sent to me recently :- John. Went through your web site and found your Diary of future events. Quite shocked you charge for spiritual things. Shouldn't this be free. If it is God's work, then why do you charge ?



Sometimes I despair. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Sometimes I want to metaphorically hit some people and see if there is anyone in - or whether they are just vacuous shells with no thoughts, no idea and - clearly - no cognitive ability to think rationally.

I ask you, just because it rains freely from the sky does not mean the water in your tap is free.

I have often been asked over the years why we charge for spiritual stuff and my answer is - what are you going to offer me in exchange for my knowledge - as nothing in life is free, and when they are unwilling to offer anything in return but just take from me everything I have to offer and nothing is returned, everything is expected and that attitude of 'entitlement' gets absolutely no where with me - then the knowledge shared is unappreciated and undervalued and my life journey, patronised and ignored, and then no one learns.

When you pay - and you pay good money for a service that costs a fortune to offer, then and only then do many appreciate and value what has been shared.

Why do some people assume Hamilton Hall to be free ?

It astounds ?

Sadly - since Covid - it seems there are more and more foolish people out there voicing their mouth off and with nothing educated or thought provoking to say worth listening to, but they get noticed and their moronic attitude and foolish manner gets noticed and other idiots pick up on what has been said and run with it ... and as this spreads, the general standard of conversation has and is going down the hill, as more politicians talk garbage - as governments fumble around doing nothing to help and society is going down the hill.

Just look at the lies told by American politicians and when exposed, lie some more and this blatant misinformation, these lies, just keep coming ... or the lies we were all told around Brexit.

Hamilton Hall costs a fortune to maintain, heat, light, equip and staff and then these ( deep breath of exasperation ... ) morons want it all for free and that attitude astounds - especially when they actually have the nerve, the temerity, to find fault with me while not seeing the fault, if fault is the right word, is from their lack of understanding and their complete and gormless lack of attachment to any sense of reality in the real world.

If you don't pay then you don't come.

If you don't pay then you don't appreciate.

If you don't pay then you don't accept what is shared.

If you don't pay - then you are not welcome.


If you cannot afford to pay then you can pay in some other fashion, but you will pay and we will do what we can to assist you in this but it has to be real and not just another entitled asshole who demands and lies to get it for free as if we find out, you WILL be charged and double.

We give a huge amount away for free and anyone - ANYONE stealing advantage of our kindness - will be dealt with harshly.

Too many abuse. Too many take advantage.

Too many feel entitled.



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