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Posted on August 18, 2021 by Andrew Christian

Written by Maya Vukovska for Andrew Christian Blog.

Do you remember the years at school when there were only boys and girls in the classroom, and nobody ever questioned the pronouns they went by ? Today’s kids in early elementary school are already questioning the rudimentary stereotypes about gender. But it’s not only the youngsters who are curious about the occurring changes in gender identity. Just one example: In 2019, searches for “they” increased by 300% over other pronouns in general, which comes to show that people are educating themselves about gender-neutral pronouns. In Sweden, they have already introduced the gender-neutral pronoun hen, which teachers are encouraged to use instead of he and she.


John Bellamy Comments:-

Let us know what you think of these new identities that we all need to learn as it is not men and women any more... it is a minefield of getting it wrong.

Personally if I misgendered someone, and their sexuality was ambigious, I would point out that this is their problem and not mine as when dressed a certain way - when behaving a certain way - when acting a certain way - then if it walks like a duck, and when it quacks like a duck and when it swims like a duck, then it's a fucking duck, and if you want to dress it up in anything else that looks - say - like a swan - then don't be surprised - don't bitch and moan - when we get it wrong, - it looks like a fucking duck in drag - so what do they expect.

A child sees a pantomime horse and assumes it to be real. They do not assume two fat men are hidden inside farting in each others faces and pretending to be a horse at all, to the child it is real.

If we see what appears to be a women, why would we question if she is a he, or an it or an anything other than what she appears.

Is a black man insulted because he recognises as white ?

Maybe I do not recognise as being human any more and will insist on being called - a God - and woe betide anyone who gets it wrong as I shall scream I am very offended that my rights as a God have not been recognised and I shall demand you change your ways to adapt to my requirements - when all the time - WHAT A WANKER... !!!


Do not get me wrong. I respect everyone their own identity BUT when so many seem to want a new identity simply because it garners attention, or because of scores of reasons many wish to hide the true self and masquarade as someone - something else - then hiding does no good at all and just runs the problem deeper and does not shed light at all. Deep rooted psychological problems are not sorted out by being an it - or a they or even a them. It starts to be sorted when you get your head around what body you are in and use that as a starting point. If in the wrong body, I can understand that as I have a lot of TS and TV friends over the years and - most are just like the rest of us but they know things are not correct for them, and spot on, trust your feelings and do not let others try and convince you otherwise.

I have known many Transexuals ( pre and post op ) and Cross Dressers, Drag Queens, Female Impersonators, Gender Bender or even according to everything I looked up, Fruitcake is another word used to describe a man - or women - who likes to dress as the opposite sex and personally, I would take offense at being called a Fruitcake - as that is deragatory like the word Queer, as I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT recognise as queer - so why the fuck is the LGBT world adding a Q for Queer into the list of sexualities we recognise as being queer - when queer is something not natural and as I believe all sexualities and all expressions of sexuality NOT to be queer or wrong at all, but to be a wonderful expression of what God intended - the very word is incorrect and - in my opinion, the LGBT world is WRONG to include it.

I have met many a pervert, but were they queer. No - not to me, and what is perverted to some is heaven to others. Like Marmite, Does not mean it is wrong, just means it is not for everyone and respecting and allowing everyone and everything their own expression - HA HA - and THE CHURCH HATES IT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE TAKING CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN LIVES - and the church and authorities just hate that. Just because you do not enjoy something does not make it wrong and jst because someone enjoys something sexually you do not does not make them a pervert when - in all probability, the one screaming the loudest in opposition does the most damage.

Be yourself but please, don't invent a new lablel - don't try and be something you are not - don't make childish demands that just make others laugh at you - and grow up, grow into who you want to be and stop demanding we accept;- teach us, offer guidance and stop DEMANDING RESPECT as you have to earn that otherwise, we may very well laugh as you have not respected our ignorance to your situiation and unless you educate and advise, we will laugh and ignore and make fun - in fun and not in insult, and if you cannot laugh at your own position and if you cannot see why it might be hard for some to accept, and if you cannot see that the vast majority on this planet are not even housed with running water and a decent food supply and here you are worring about being a he or a she or an it or a they - oh dear, we really do have more important things to wory about and if that's ALL you have to worry about - THEN GET A FUCKING LIFE, there is so much going on out there that matters so much more than your dick or your vagina - or maybe whatever else you wish to call your sexual organs, or your non sexual organs...

If you take offense to anything I have written, then you own it.

Oh I give up.. I surrender... I am old... I was in on the ground floor of gay life just after it was legalised and have seen the LGBT (non ) community grow and expand and become legal in the UK with so many rights than we ever dreamed of and just remember, it was us oldies who got laws changed and youngsters of today have absolutely no idea what it was like.

No idea at all.

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