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A history of HATE in Suriname

A history of HATE in Suriname

Hide, Flee or Suicide

By Ivan P. Liesdek

An insight into a country's gay history

Until now this has been a forgotten aspect of Suriname's history because it has been concealed, disguised or deliberately ignored due to taboo, but also because of legal and social repercussions from a repressive 'heteronormative' biased society. It is now recorded formally and in the apt context for and by those who have lived decent lives but have experienced continued injustice. The results answer many questions and also pose new ones.

The exposure of centuries of myths, misconceptions, misinformation, deceit and oppression motivated by the perpetrators quest and hunger for power and wealth should hopefully now, with better understanding of the horrific past - open doors and help establish an future based in liberty and justice. A future offering equality by means of legal and social acceptance for everyone, including those who are still to this day entrapped by social and sometimes idolatrous doctrines.

This book is dedicated to all those who fight against injustice, to those who have gone before us and to those who have fallen victim to fallen victim of inhumane treatment, to those who continue to struggle while standing up with a willingness to fall, and finally to our sons and daughters who ultimately lost the battle, gave up, and paid dearly with their lives.


JB Comments: This is a heavy read. It sets the agenda straight away and some of the tragic stories tear at the heart strings that people went through so much just for being gay.

My one fault with the book is the title, the cover and how it is laid out.

In TINY TEENY WRITING on the front cover and is EASILY not even seen, it states...

'An insight into a Country's gay History' -

and this REALLY needs to be MASSIVE and splashed RIGHT ACROSS THE FRONT OF THE BOOK and not in teeny tiny print unseen at first glance and invisible until you actually look and see it there.

Someone got that VERY wrong.

The title of the book ' A History of Hate in Suriname' - sorry, but I had never heard of Suriname and by stating clearly in in BOLD BIG TYPE FACE the book was 'An insight into a Country's Gay History' would REALLY have helped.

It seems to be hugely researched, well put together and an interesting - if tragic - tale. It is worth reading - to understand some of what people went through in the past and the horrors at play by various institutions fearful of gay men.


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