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A mans best friend

Without doubt, mans best friend is and always has been - a dog.

Some would dispute this and some would agree, but no matter what you say, dogs have always been alongside the human throughout history and is the only animal to have come o

t from the wild to live alongside us.

Maybe it was the attraction to food - warmth - company - but the advantages that mankind has accepted from dogs far outweigh the food we offer and the warmth. From protecting us from dangerous predators ( dogs are incrdibly brave at fighting off enormous grizzlies - snakes and all sorts of creatures that threaten man ) hunting - collecting prey from areas unavailable to 2 footed man - rounding up sheep - keeping guard - police dogs - and the list of advantages we garner from them is phenominal.

With training they make the best Guide Dogs ( Seeing Eye ) - can sniff out drugs and explosives and even cancers - and all while wagging their tails in absolute joy at being put to work to help their human friends. Dogs love to serve. How many house fires were warned about by the family dog ?

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can help children grow up more secure and active and provide company to the elderly.

Honey, my Weimeraner dog lying at my feet in the shape of a croissant as I write this - is a natural part of my family ? I love this creature that lives in my home with me and many guests at Hamilton Hall love her as well, and she greets return customers at the door like old friends.

Honey is a typical Weimeraner - which was used as a Pointer when hunting, and like many Weimeraners, is a snooty dog, giving off the air of superiority and where she makes it clear I am here for her and it would seem, she has me well trained to open doors, take for walks and feed when time, and as she swans around with her elegant style - she sometimes makes me feel like a guest in my own home.

It does make me laugh... as who is the boss here ?

She would eat all the food in the universe and still want more - so is on a permenant diet to maintain a healthy figure and not like so many bad and actually cruel owners who out of misguided kindness - over feed and allow to be obese which if this was a child would be questioned.

She is now 12 years of age and typical to many large dogs - is prone to hip dysplasia, where her back legs weaken and she sometimes struggles to get into the car or onto my bed and at times, gets stuck half way and I help lift her up.

( A male Wiemeraner I had decades ago could no longer cock his leg to pee and would squat like a bitch and walks became much shorter and you avoid lino flooring they can slip on. )

I have actually had 4 Weimeranswers over the years and back in the 70's had a male - Bambi - and his mate - Saphire, and we (they) had 3 litters of puppies ( 23 pups in all ) and it was a real love affair between them and was beautiful to be apart of.

They say a dog owner gets to look like their dog, so does that make me a prissy queen ( no comment thanks ) as Honey as stated, gives of the aura of superiority while other dogs give off the air of friendship and gentleness, while others agression and of being the bully. Like humans, all dogs are different and while breeds of dogs have similarities - their characteristics are as different from one to another just as my twin brother and I are very different people while sharing some very similar traits.

Doberman frighten a lot of people as some have been trained to be guard dogs and through the media we have seen many fierce breeds banned - but it is not the breed, it is the owner and the training - as all dogs can fight - all dogs can be viscious if you allow as all humans have the same potential if not shown a better way early in life. The only difference, its probably easier to retrain a dog than it is a human.

I have often thought there needs to be some training programm

e you can send boyfriends to so we know they are house trained... and maybe the dog can accompany them for a laugh and see just how hard some humans are to learn better ways... lol

There are also certain breed of dog that seems to attract a certain type of owner, and Rottweiler is one dog in question. Some men own agressive dogs because they think it makes them look tough, when the truth is, it really doesn't and owning an agressive dog is never a good idea around children and the elderly.

I love my dog and she has become apart of my heart and soul and I love her dearly as she siute next to me here staring - and I mean ears cocked and staring at me - because she wants dinner even though it is 3 hours away yet... It seems she cannot tell the time...

If you have a dog and love your pet, then share your story here and we can share some love for our pets together.


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