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Trans & Muslim emails from you

John: I quite agree with your piece about Muslims in the UK. I also do not mind the multi cultural lifestyle in the UK but now it seems as if the Muslims want to take over and alter everything we hold dear and that is where I draw the line. Go home if you don't like it here and stop making the UK into something it has never been, a Muslim country.

Jake ( Swansea - Wales )

Love the Newsletter John. Follow it every week. Great nudes and editorials. No one else offers this and I belong to other gay mens groups and nothing. Not even during lockdown. You really are a marvel John - a super hero.

Roger ( Brighton )

I am glad your articles are becoming a lot more hard hitting John. I knew you had it in you. Israel - Muslims - our political shambles - Trump - this is some almighty comedy act and not to be tolerated and you do speak up for the every day man. Well done John.

Phil ( Hammersmith )

Hi John: Your piece some time ago about trans being appalling compared to decades ago. Yes. I agree. I transitioned in the 70's when it was really new and I took a lot of stick living as a women before I transitioned, and it was tough. Youth of today screaming and demanding attention and equality is all wrong and goes against the groove of how we get acceptance. The whole trans community have a big THANKYOU owed to gay men who fought in the 60's - 90's for equality and rights enshrined in law - yet now trans and the manner in which they demand and scream are doing no good at all and just showing contempt towards those who came before. Recent trans - some - disgust with their entitled attitude.

Sylvia ( Birmingham )

John: You should be here in Texas and see and experience the appalling attitude being offered by the state ( Republicans ) and how they are abusing the trans community. Blaming trans for grooming kids is bizarre - as most trans I know are married men and women - and although trans, are for the most part, happily married. The groomers are the priests - family members - and NOT the gay men, trans of drag queen. Pointing the finger always back fires as blaming others for your own mis-deads is well known, so don't imagine for a moment we do not know EXACTLY who the perverts are and it is not the LGBT crowd.

Tex - ( from Texas. )

John. I am Muslim. I am also gay. I am not out to my family. I live alone but surrounded by family. They watch me closely as at 35 and unmarried, they do ask - demand to know why I am still single. Busy job is my excuse. I hide and am very careful. If they knew, they would kill me. I am a good Muslim boy as far as they are concerned but what does concern me, is how they blindly believe every word and truly believe that Muslims have the right to kill infidels, non believers. I just do not follow this. Murder is murder whatever God you pray to. I cannot come 'out' and I cannot live free. I am trapped by my religion and my family who follow devoutly above and beyond good decent thoughts of their own. They would butcher me to save family pride. Brutal - Allah is brutal - or is it mankind ?

I live in fear every day.

Mohamed - not my real name.

As a Jewish lesbian abandoned years ago by my husband who ran off with a much younger women, and gave me the excuse to 'come out'- but being Jewish it was very hard. The community turned against me as if it was all my fault when he left me - and I had the children as he just gave up and vanished. Not one member of his family offered help. I was left with no money and had to move from the family home as he sold it out from under me -without me knowing - and I had a month to find a new home for myself and the 3 children.

Not a single friend helped. Not one thing. He has not seen the children now for almost 8 years and they hate their father because of this and the way Jewish men have the rights and we women, no rights at all. Second class to men. I hate that. I decided to bring my children up as Christian - mostly to fuck husbands family off, and I have no time for the Jewish faith having experienced how badly women are treated and disrespected.

Name withheld

I do not recognise England from the country I was brought up in - . I was born in 1942 . JACOB.

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