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Should the UK ban the Burqa ? Is it the way forward ?

I wonder if you will read this in its entirety or ignore it and go look at the male nudes ?

I wonder if you actually have a strong enough belief in truth and justice to actually care ?

I wonder if you will show some respect for the country you live in and the people who share our culture - our BRITISH CULTURE.

While I openly welcome all cultures, music's, foods, religions, life choices and regardless of skin colour or race - I truly believe everyone is valid - yet when so many bully and demand and threaten and push against - then there has to come a time where we collectively scream STOP - I AM NOT TAKING THIS ANY MORE...

ENOUGH - The NHS is close to collapse.

Housing and the homeless is massively out of control. Social Services cannot cope and offer a better service to refugees than locals. Local economies cannot cope as councils are going bankrupt while the government piles more and more responsibility onto councils shoulders but no more cash to assist - and everyone suffers.

Gangs of bored male refugees - roam the streets and some - not all - abuse with rapes, muggings, theft, knife attacks - and all aimed at those who have welcomed them into their country and have housed them and THAT is how some offer respect for what we do for them ?

They do not mug, rape and knife their own - but us.

Then there are those Muslims who believe a girl as young as 12 can be fucked and many have been caught 'in the act' of procuring young girls here in the UK and when caught, say it is their tradition and is allowed - BUT NOT HERE BUSTER..... and we should throw them out - send them home where it ' is allowed' and leave our children alone.

WATCH THIS Youtube link to refugee being arrested for grooming girls aged 13.

Our police are scared of being labeled racist and so ignore a bunch of Pakistani men who FOR SOME YEARS have abused, raped and molested scores of young girls and the police did fuck all - NOTHING AT ALL - SCARED OF BEING CALLED RACIST - and this is how we police the UK these days - with police scared to do their jobs ?

WTF ? If that was a local white man, he would be arrested, prosecuted and jailed. He would also be on the Sex Offenders register for life. But this lot and their crimes committed - the police ignored for years.

I think we can all see where this is leading in the future and unless we pay attention, the UK will not be recognizable in 25 - 50 years

Below are a list of countries that have already banned the Burqa and other face coverings, as a matter of National Security. Should the UK also ban the burqa as we enter a more dangerous world FROM THE MUSLIMS - as when they state that 'When' they take over - ( not IF - but WHEN ) then they will go house to house making sure everyone has converted to Islam or be ELIMINATED - and one wonders EXACTLY what do they mean by ELIMINATED ?

This - is a threat - surely.

To those who scream at me - ISLAMAPHOBIA - FUCK OFF..

If you disagree with who is to blame in the war between Israel and Palestine, then you could be labeled Anti Semitic - and that kind of clap trap is dangerous as just because you may think the Jewish nation is heavy handed in how it acts, does not mean you are anti Jew - any more than hating the taste of Anchovies does not mean you hate all fish. But so many Jews love to use phrases like ' Anti Semitic' to attack those who don't fully support them and that - is racist bullies.

Are we - as usual - going to bend over and part our cheeks as we seem to do a lot - bow down and surrender - allow a take over - a physical and spiritual kidnapping of our country, it's culture and religion ?

That is a dangerous threat.

That is what we are working with.

That is why - maybe - the discussion on banning the burqa is over and it needs to be banned now...

Maybe ?

The UK is a very welcoming country.

Those genuinely running from war - are always welcome - Those with a useful job are welcome here - Those who marry a local and form a family are welcome here - while those who are just financial migrants after a better life - put them to work in the fields, in the factories, in the NHS and the building industry - driving lorries - as we hear of a shortage of good staff while we pay tens of thousands not to work - and this would offer them respect and something to do than walk the streets in gangs - it would put money in their pockets - paying some tax - and it offers respect to themselves - and where thousands are costing us multi millions each week housing them in 4 and 5 star luxury and where all we hear is complaints all the time - complaints about the accommodation, food offered, and so much more - and this - while we have our own Veterans homeless and sleeping on the streets.

If they don't want to work - and this applies to locals who are unemployed as well - or if they deliberately loose the job offered - then throw them out. Take away their benefits. First time - OUT - and stop buying into this crap that we have to help them when CLEARLY they do not want to help themselves when refusing work and homes. OUT.

In Bournemouth here - the council recently emptied out a block of flats deliberately built to house the homeless, and with a few weeks notice, everyone must go back out onto the streets as the council is emptying the building getting it ready for refuges.

Housing the homeless costs the council money.

Housing refugees earns the council an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE as central government just pays and pays and pays and multi millions are wasted in this manner.

So the council do not care - even though the influx of refugees into an area is never good for the local economy, safety, and where services are overwhelmed ( doctors etc ) and the local area goes right down the crapper and ends up a slum.

Another big hotel that now houses over 500 all male refugees - and this causes great unrest in the evenings when they walk the streets with nothing to do and many feel uncomfortable - worried for their safety, and when we hear of repeated rapes - knifings and more in the media - created by refugees, we blame ALL refugees and not just the bad ones and they all get tarred with the same brush - probably unfairly as they are not all bad. It's just boredom and frustration - and I can see their point of view - but to be honest, WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY EXPECT ?

I know of cases where families with 5 - 8 kids are offered homes by local councils TO HAVE THEM TURNED DOWN as they are in a rough area, not big enough, not nice enough, not near the shops / schools etc. and one wonders WTF ARE YOU EXPECTING FOR FREE - IN A COUNTRY THAT OWES YOU NOTHING AND IS KINDLY TAKING YOU IN ? So we throw our own people onto the streets and leave them there - and house refuges in luxury - as these apartments are really nice.

While we Brits who pay for it all - watch as our own people are thrown back onto the streets by the council who leave it up to poorly financed local charities to pick up the pieces that the council and central government have insisted - is the way forward.

SUCH BULL FUCKING SHIT. Way forward for whom ?

The burqa is worn by women in various countries.

Some countries have banned it in government offices, schools, or in public places and streets.

There are currently 16 states that have banned the burqa and niqab, both Muslim-majority countries and non-Muslim countries, including :-

There was no shortage of controversy surrounding Muslims around the world in 2016.

Countries in Europe and North America wrestled with the mass exodus of Muslim refugees from the Middle East’s many conflicts, as deadly terror attacks in France, Belgium, Germany, and the United States occurred.

Amid the political debates over these complex issues, a symbol of the Muslim religion became, perhaps, the most contested item of clothing in political history: the burqa.

Across the world, political leaders and judicial courts are wrestling with the question of whether it it is legal, possible, and wise to ban the Muslim face covering. In general, the term hijab describes a head-covering, while burqa and niqab cover the face as well.

In places as far-reaching as Nigeria and Switzerland, Russia and Sudan, the full-face covering has become a cultural flashpoint. Here, Global Citizen takes a look back at the year of the fight over the burqa.

( Oh please - spare me ... )

Germany: Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised many observers by calling for a ban on full-face veils in December. Around the time she announced she was running for a fourth term, Merkel said publicly that she thought “the full-face veil must be banned, wherever legally possible.”

Merkel’s sudden announcement on the veil was seen by many as an attempt to look tough on immigration after Germany was flooded with immigrants in 2016.

Netherlands: A bill that would partially ban the burqa being worn in public spaces passed the Dutch parliament with 132 out 150 votes in November. The bill is expected to pass the Senate and become law throughout the Netherlands, which would prohibit Muslim women from covering their faces in Islamic veils in schools, hospitals, public transportation, and government buildings.

France: France was the first European country to ban the full-face Islamic veil in public places in 2011 but was embroiled in another fight over Muslim clothing this year, as the “burkini” arrived on the beaches of southern France.

Several mayors banned women from wearing the burqa-like bathing suit on beaches, and two higher courts disagreed over the legality of the bans. Some French politicians running for president said they would support a national ban going forward.

UK: The United Kingdom’s Independence Party’s leader, Paul Nuttall, called for a burqa ban on the first day after he won election as leader of the UKIP party, and a majority of the British public said they backed a burqa ban in one poll.   

Norway: The country’s education minister said in October the national government was considering a burqa ban for schools and universities.

Bulgaria: Women wearing a burqa or niqab in Bulgaria can face a fine up to $800 for breaking a new Bulgarian law banning it in public.

Nigeria: A court of appeals in the capital of Lagos overruled an earlier ban on students in primary and secondary schools wearing a hijab with their school uniforms. The court’s decision was unanimous.

Switzerland: The country’s conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) proposed a national burqa ban that has not yet passed into law, while the region of Ticino has begun issuing fines to those who violated its own law that bans burqas in public places.

United States: A state legislator in Georgia proposed and then withdrew a bill that would have banned Muslim women from wearing burqas while driving.


In the Netherlands, the ban applies in area around government, healthcare and school buildings. The ban on face coverings also applies in the area of land that belongs to a government building, healthcare institution or educational institution. In some cases this area may be fenced, like a school playground or the premises of a hospital.


The French ban on face covering is the result of an act of parliament passed in 2010 banning the wearing of face-covering headgear, including masks, helmets, balaclavas, niqābs and other veils covering the face, and full body costumes and zentais (skin-tight garments covering entire body) in public places, except under specified circumstances. This ban does not apply to the hijab, as it does not cover the face. The ban does apply to the burqa, a full-body covering, if it covers the face. In April 2011, France became the first European country to impose a ban on full-face veils in public areas.

Public debate exacerbated concerns over immigration, nationalism, secularism, security, and sexuality. Arguments supporting this proposal include that face coverings prevent the clear identification of a person (which may be a security risk, or a social hindrance within a society which relies on facial recognition and expression in communication), that the alleged forcing of women to cover their faces is sexist, and that Muslims who continue this practice should be forced to assimilate into traditional French social norms. Arguments against include that the ban encroaches on individual freedoms, and that it discriminates against interpretations of Islam that require or encourage women to wear face coverings, that it takes away the choice of women to decide whether to dress according to a particular standard of modesty, and prevents anonymity in situations where it might be socially or personally desirable.

Opponents accused President Nicolas Sarkozy of fostering Islamophobia and using the law for political gain. Some researchers posited that the ban "reduces the secondary educational attainment of Muslim girls and affects their trajectory in the labor market and family composition in the long run" as well as reducing the "social integration of Muslim women into French society".

As of 11 April 2011, it was illegal to wear a face-covering veil or other masks in public spaces. Veils, scarves, and other headwear that do not cover the face are unaffected by this law.[8] The law imposes a fine of up to €150, and/or participation in citizenship education, for those who violate the law.[9][10] The bill also penalises, with a fine of €30,000 and one year in prison, anyone who forces (by violence, threats, or abuse of power) another to wear face coverings; these penalties may be doubled if the victim is under the age of 18.[9][11]

As a result of the law, the only exceptions to a woman wearing a face-covering veil in public will be if she is travelling in a private car or worshiping in a religious place.[12] French police say that while there are five million Muslims in France, fewer than 2,000 are thought to fully cover their faces with a veil.[2] The wearing of all conspicuous religious symbols in public schools was previously banned in 2004 by a different law, the French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in public schools. This affected the wearing of Islamic veils and headscarves in schools, as well as turbans and other distinctive items of dress.


Ahead of the vote, Walter Wobmann, chairman of the referendum committee and an SVP lawmaker, described Muslim face coverings as "a symbol for this extreme, political Islam which has become increasingly prominent in Europe and which has no place in Switzerland". "In Switzerland our tradition is that you show your face.

Switzerland's lower house of parliament has passed a ban on face coverings, including burqas, with fines of up to 1,000 Swiss francs for violators. The legislation had already been approved by the upper house and is now federal law. 21 Sept 2023.

CHINA Fearing the type of insurgencies that have roiled the Middle East in recent years, the Chinese government has gone to extensive measures to repress the Uighurs. Recently, the government outright banned burqas and “abnormal” beards to criminalize and discourage Muslim dress codes and behaviors.

Elsewhere in the world, attempts to ban the burqa have met with public backlash, but in Xinjiang province, protesting the measures would result in swift crackdowns by security forces.

Dictating appearance is just one aspect of a pervasive and relentless attempt to hollow out Uighur culture.

At security checks throughout towns and cities, law enforcement don’t just demand identification. They also ask for people’s cell phones so that they can search for suspicious apps and software such as Skype and Whatsapp.

A call from abroad or a visit to a banned website could result in a visit from police and potential detention. House-to-house security checks are common and traditional symbols of identity such as prayer and fasting have been campaigned against. A prominent moderate Uighur thinker, Ilham Tohti, was imprisoned for life in 2014 for his writings.


Your input and thoughts are always welcome. I receive so many e mails and phone calls from you guys and we chat for hours some times and the general feeling is a great love for the UK and a shame for the way it is going. No one I have spoken to holds harsh feelings towards immigrants but do feel the abuse offered is uncalled for. We do our best and if that is not good enough, then it really is tough shit as we cannot and will not do more than our best. Period.

Should we ban the Burqa ? Your input is welcome.


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