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A personal request to me from a guy in the Ukraine.

I get a lot of e mails from Russia and the Ukraine. Recently I had this one below - see what you think :-


Dear John.

My name is Alexander , I turn 24 this September.

I live in the Ukrainian city of Cherkasy and have to hide in order not to die in the war.

I was born into a full family, but at one point my parents divorced and I stayed with my mother and grandmother. My father died in the War in 2023.

Grandma and mom emigrated to Georgia at the very beginning of the fighting.

Before the war, I worked in the field of IT technology, but now I have to survive on my savings and help from my mother, who also cares for an elderly grandmother.

Despite the whole situation, I try to remain a strong and positive person.

My dream is to leave Ukraine so that I can finally function and help my family. I also dream of finding a beloved and faithful life partner, since my past relationships ended rather badly.

Friendship will also brighten up my gray days in a country that is going through a very difficult time.


We exchanged e mails for about 6 weeks and then - sadly this week his e mails stopped and several of mine were returned. Need we ask why ?


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