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Absolute rip off

I had to call in someone to check out a mouse problem we have been having.

I had bought over £120 worth of various poisons etc. and yet it seems not to have worked and the mice were still scuttling about - and so I called in the expert.

He informed me that mice often try the food / poising - get an upset stomach and then ignore it and do not eat enough to die, and you are left with £120 worth of mouse poison that is no use.

So he put a different poison down and was here a max of 20 minutes, putting the poison in EXACTLY the same places I had already put the ineffective food, and he left.

Twenty minutes max.

He then e mailed me an invoice for £140 plus VAT which came out at £168 - and I complained LOUD AND CLEAR.

I e mailed in return stating I WAS NOT about to pay this amount as even a qualified electrician with years of learning behind them only charge on average between £65 - £85 for an hours out call - and here he was charging double for 20 minutes - and I told him it was a steal and how I WAS NOT about to be ripped off in such a manner - and how EVERYONE is offering MASSIVE discounts currently because of the financial mess all business' are in, and here he was still charging the full exorbitant price and I simply offered him £85 .

He accepted and sent a further invoice which I paid for £85.

Rip Off Britain - it seems - is still in full swing and you HAVE TO PROTECT YOURSELF and be aware that there will always be those who see an opportunity to steal from you in one form or another and unless you are ' on the look out' - you will be got.

The mice have gone and before you moan about mice be aware that no single house in the UK is further than 6 feet from a mouse or a rat - and just because you cannot see them does not mean they are not in the sewers below, or around the garden and keep out of site -= and we do occasionally get them and while I thought having a dog would be a deterrent, BOLLOCKS to that one, she's about as much use as the useless feed stuff ... bless her.

So once again we are mouse free and Checkatrade got a negative review for this man and his business and we move forward wiser and aware that there will always be those ready to con you, to steal from you, to bullshit and deceive you, and it is up to all of us to be aware, watch out and never play dumb.

I must point out that I hate having to kill these sweet little things but they eat cables in walls and cause fires and I cannot have that in an hotel. They leave their droppings and urine everywhere and while they are God's creatures and every creature has a right to life, sorry guys, but how would you feel if a mouse ran across you in the night or you could smell their poo - you'd be the first to complain and reach for the traps, which are cruel and poison is - er - kinder ??? Sort of.


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