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Adopt a donkey for Christmas - X Rated

I was watching Judge Judy this morning when an advert for ADOPT A DONKEY FOR CHRISTMAS came on the telly and it instantly gave me an idea for the perfect Christmas present.
So below are a few donkeys for you to choose from and do let me know which one you would like to adopt and offer a 'FOREVER HOME' to and as you can see, even Camilla loves a pair of donkeys so the rumours about Prince Charles are obviously true ... (???)

Now :- You need to know how to look after a donkey as they need a lot of attention and worship, and of course, loads of ' lip service' - and they are not just for Christmas. Many will need taking in hand and training. Many will need lots of milking and many will need some place warm and clean and moist and deep to bury themselves into, especially on those cold winter nights, to maintain good health. A donkey loves to play hide and seek and tend to go into hiding, then out of hiding, then into hiding and out of hiding and - repeat - over and over and over... Think you could give a good clean home to a donkey ?

Check out the donkeys below.