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Always here for you

Hamilton Hall is always here for you. In all sorts of ways. Just as we have been for the last 21 years. Hamiltoin Hall moves into a new era of support as many suffer in all sorts of ways over this Covid 19 Pandemic.

Loneliness & isolation. Emotionally & Physically starved of affection. Lack of conversation and mental stimulation. Simple friendship. Bored being cloistered inside. Sexually frustrated leading to the fear of intimacy and touch. Depressed and feeling low. Missing family and friends. Scared for the future.

These are a few of the emotions and needs people will have suffered because of various lockdowns and quarantine periods and many will be lonely and afraid to commit to closeness for a long time.

Hamiltoin Hall is here as a retreat where you can move forward at your own speed and where we are here to help in whatever way we can. As we slowly get back to what we see as ' normal' - which may well never be the same again - and while we get over the most traumatic time the planet and humanity has seen - globally - for a very long time - if in living memory - this is a time where we all need to offer support to each other in whatever way we can.

This is NOT a time for self centred, ego driven arrogance where people only see themselves first and where it is all Me Me Me.

It is not about wanting to still travel during lockdown and take risks with other peoples health.

It is not about ignoring the whole thing as Fake News.


This is a time where we all pull together and help support those who have been less well off - in many ways - and where we re build the community one person at a time - starting with you.

Hamilton Hall offers discounts to those who need a holiday but cannot afford. Hamilton Hall othrwise charges reduces charges to help those regain their humanity.

We are charging the full price for holiday periods but have reduced our dinner charges from £25 to £15. Numerous DISCOUNTS are available and are at my discretion.

If you can afford to donate monies to help others share a holiday - often a much needed but cannot afford - holiday - to help regain a little of what we have lost, then your contribution and financial help will certainly go a long way and be very well received.

You will MOST CERTAINLY not find another venue as caring, as supportive and as friendly as HAMILTON HALL and where as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE - EVERY penny is reapplied back into Hamilton Hall and helping those less well off and those in need.

Hamilton Hall - A Hotel with a Soul.


No venue is as people motivated as Hamilton Hall.


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