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As the widest reported crime in the UK, fraud is one of the greatest and most destructive.

As the widest reported crime in the UK, fraud is one of the greatest and most destructive online harms facing us today.

If these companies can carry out tracking and facial recognition technology to monitor us, they can build systems to protect us.

Today, we’ve written to Prime Minister Liz Truss, demanding that the government do more to stop online fraud. Passing the Online Safety Bill into law is the quickest and most effective solution to stop online scams – but it continues to delay this.

We need to see action. Do you want to see new laws that force tech giants to do more to stop online scams? Sign our petition.


JB Comments:

Some time ago I had several large amounts charged against my debit

card that the bank - Santander - never picked up as fraud even though payments were made to a Russian Taxi company - twice - and the taxi company themselves repaid the monies within 24 hours, BUT THE BANK NEVER NOTICED THIS THEFT / FRAUD until I told them.

I then had an argument over 95p that the change in Russian Rubles and converting it back to £ with the repayment left me out pf pocket by 95p and I INSISTED THE BANK REFUND THIS TO ME, as the mistake was the banks and NOT mine so THEY should pay the difference.

Oh they didn't like that. But paid .

Then this week American Express and Capital One Credit Cards had payments made totalling £1,600 against my card, even though I do not have an American Express of Capital One Card, so again, someone has used my details to pay their own bills with and STILL the bank didn't see this as erroneous while stopping regular payments to sites online I use regularly and payment is made difficult with a code being sent to my phone before I can proceed with the transaction

TO COMPANIES I USE ALL THE TIME - yet Santander lets a Russian Taxi company take payments without a thought.

The American Express and Capital One charges are under investigation and it cannot be hard as - surely - they just have to find out whose Amex card had its bill paid for by me... and then prosecute the person who owns the Amex card.

My card has been used illegally around a dozen times and I have had to change my card number 6 times in the last 6 years which is a royal pain in the ass - and other than Aldi and food shopping and buying petrol, I rarely go out and rarely use my card except for 'on line shopping' which I do a lot, and I can only assume one of the companies I have done business with has a thief in their midst, a fraudster - and I am sure is doing this to tons of peoples cards as well as mine.

I use to have a Gold Amex Card and after too many abusive treatments from Amex, after too many lies from their staff and after they tried stealing money from my account 25 years ago, while blaming me for their mistake - I was proven right and the mighty clout of Amex were shown to be incompetent and bullies and I told them in no uncertain terms what they could do with their account and I tore up my card and closed the account. Most Europeans do not use Amex. Visa / Master Card are the ones commonly used and I refuse to take it here after being lied to repeatedly one afternoon by a women asking if she could make a reservation using her Amex card ( suspicious from the start that a women phones ) and I told her she was Amex - and she repeatedly returned to her question and it wasn't about to put up with her bullshit and BARKED LOUDLY - that

' I CAN HEAR HUNDREDS OF WOMEN IN THE BACKGROUND GOING ' AMERICAN EXPRESS, CAN I HELP YOU ?' - SO CLEARLY - YOU ARE AMERICAN EXPRESS ' - and she didn't even have the common sense to close her door so I wouldn't hear what was going on in the background - , and I told her that her own Mother would be heartbroken and ashamed to know her little girl was being paid to lie to people - lie and deceive people - and then added that she and Amex can go fuck her / them selves and that she was a lying low life. ( I just don't care )

She may have been just following orders, like soldiers who kill and maim innocent people - ' I was just following orders ' - but when dealing with lies and dishonesty from a credit card company, it sends a bad message about the whole financial industry, that we all know to be corrupt.


You have to check your bank account almost daily as banks do not give a fuck, even though they claim to be putting in place all sorts of fraud detection, the useless staff and the useless computer programme used to track fraud, CLEARLY is useless and staff need re training. Not the staffs fault as management clearly haven't a clue and any programme / app put in place to help stop fraud, clearly doesn't work.

Santander had an old phone number on the front of their web site FOR TWO YEARS and when you phoned it did give the correct number to redial, but with a billion $ company with a MASSIVE I.T. department - and they couldn't get a phone number changed to be correct after 2 years, is worse than a fucking joke, and we are suppose to trust the competence these morons ???


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