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Change is on the horizon.


Covid has locked many away for long periods and TV and books, games and wanking only go so far at starving off boredom, frustration and irritation.

Where we can, we need some form of distraction, a hobby perhaps, something to occupy the mind and keep it from stagnation.



give me hours of fun and games redecorating and renewing the living space as it is tacky at the moment but has great potential, and with a very useful electrician handy man friend next door who will work on the cheap - ( I just have to point that out to him as yet ... ) it will be renovated and made beautiful and will keep me motivated and excited - will give me something to think and dream about and look forward to using and - maybe - take friends and guests out for the day.

I already know my dog loves it as she was viewing it today with me ( when I bought it ) and by the time you read this, I should be in possession of it.

And before you ask, YES, it is a former AMBULANCE.

I cannot really afford to do these little things to keep myself from going stir crazy but there are things one needs to do and fuck the cost as your own well being - your own mental health - is more important, and you are all very welcome to come and help with the van as this is very much a labour of love and I can see small intimate dinner parties on the bus - naked - with just a few people together - sharing being naked in the middle of - say - The New Forest - and with the diesel heater I plan installing it should be toasty warm and when you think I am usually busy all summer and quieter in the winter, it could be my homely winter escape for a few days here and there. - so needs good heating.

Don't think I shall be over wintering in the south of Spain just yet... ha ha

Now - how about a name for the bus -

Hamilton Haulage -

or even

Hamilton Whorelage - ha ha

Bellamy's Big Bus -

The Camp Camper - The Bournemouth Belle

Cock au Van

The Vanette


WHY IS A BUS, CAR, SHIP ETC. ALWAYS CLASSED AS A ' SHE ?' - NEVER A HE ? Because the ship , car etc, carries life inside itself - like a womb, so is female.

Now as you can see from the pictures here, it is very basic inside and will need a complete remodelling from floor upwards, electrics, solar, plumbing, heating, lighting, storage, bed (s ) and I have learned that the most important aspect is BED - then COOKING - then LOUNGE - and I want a full time bed and not one I have to pull out every time I want to use it, as one can always relax on the bed as well... and as my brother has been a caravaner for 10 years ( and where I have never been invited .... mmmmmmmmmmm ) he is very useful for ideas and what not to do and as well as all the YouTube reviews I have watched, & he agrees, a full time bed is so much easier and being raised up on a built in platform at the back of the bus means storage under for the electrics, water, pumps, heater etc. as well as somewhere to hide the portable toilet and any outdoor equipment like a spare gas bottle and any outdoor seats / picnic table and even the awning that comes with the van and extends its indoor space into outdoor space.

Naturally, I have watched just about every video on YouTube concerning conversion work, and ideas for layouts - and funnily enough, right from the start I figured out what I thought would be a great layout and now find many others on YouTube with very similar layouts to what I see in my minds eye.

No shower, in such a small place it would be redundant. As a sex worker I existed many days on ' whores washes' at the sink with a flannel, and that'll do... and as for a toilet, that'll be an easy option but one where you need solitude in the bus - ha ha - and the curtains closed.

There are always public conveniences and at camp grounds, they have utility blocks, so as I am rarely likely to be ' off grid' living for months on end like many, I think I can cope with short periods of inconvenience ( get the punn.,..? )

If I am going to do this, I want it to be nice and not slap dash amateurish as it is now. I have the time and will allow, I think, at least 3 - 6 months, depending on Chris either doing a lot of the work or at least setting me jobs I can get done ready for him, and I am sure like many, I will learn new tricks and skills along the way.

I could have spent a lot more and bought a ready converted van, but as many of you know, I almost NEVER follow what others are doing and always make my own path in life - and it's one many have followed... and as a trail blazer - I rarely follow, - I lead.

Let me know if you have a camper van and what you use it for and how often and what you get out of it. Share your adventures with us here.

So there you have it., My new project to keep my brain from turning to mush.

Your comments and ideas are always appreciated and not one word about me being camp, than you very much... ha ha

As if ???

John Bellamy


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Hi John

Brilliant blog!

I think your new van adventure is exciting and will definitely occupy your time for the next few months! I was trying to think of a name, but you’d already thought of my favourite: Cock au Van! What about All Tooled Up and Ready to Go? Or the Slick Dick Express? Or Cum Camping? Hard Cock Café? Sex on Wheels? Anyhow, have fun fitting it out! I look forward to seeing photos of your progress: keep us informed!

Changing theme, I thought your piece on men’s feelings was both moving and helpful! This message needs saying louder and more often!

Moving on to the photos! I have to say I'm not a great fan of salami sized cocks: some were totally outrageously(and unuseably) big! The hairy men were better, BUT the smoothies were absolutely wonderful!

I thought the photo of Arab and Jew embracing was very poignant, but my favourite by a mile was the magnificent guy on the red background! What a cock! You could quite literally hang a bucket on it!

I have rarely seen a nicer example of a big stiff, wonderfully curved penis than that beauty! Definite addition to the wank bank!

Anyhow, have fun with your van and keep well!

Kind regards



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