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Christians abusing their own God and beliefs.

Watching Judge Judy while ironing,

I heard a comment that stopped me dead in my tracks.

After a women was found guilty of trying to steal 4 puppies from a breeder and where she was charged $2,000 to cover the costs of her stolen goods, and after it was over and she was being interviewed she actually said in excuse for her being a thief -

' We are Christian and we know and do what is right.'

and this coming out of the mouth of a women just found guilty of deliberate fraud and theft.

So what does this say about Christians if this is what we are shown- a THIEVING CHRISTIAN ? What does she think the public at large are going to make of her thieving ways knowing she is a Christian. does she think we are going to forgive and forget - or maybe assume she was wrongly treated and she was really innocent of stealing even though the evidence was obvious ?

What has her belief structure got to do with her being a dishonest thieving witch ?

In fact stating she is a Christian means - I assume - she is an honest and trustworthy person and GOD KNOWS why we think this of Christians when over the centuries :- It was Christians who murdered Jesus, Christians who mass murdered millions with the Inquisition :- It is Christians that made more wars and brutally tortured non Christians to death, and it is Christians who assume they are always right and never wrong and that God is on their side.

It seems that it is a lot of Christians who deny LGBT - deny BLM - deny equality and deny a lot because some out of date book tells them so.

It never stops astounding me how two faced and double standards many Christians live by and this is the evil the wrong the vile and not the LGBT- the BLM or anyone else come to that.

It seems many involved in organised religion are the worst hypocritical liars and claiming God is on their side DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

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