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Church that calls for death to gay people - and more LGBT news

Church that calls for death to gay people whines about getting death threats

New IFB churches have called for the murders of LGBTQ+ people for years. But they're shocked people don't feel sympathy for them.

Over the past several years, Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington – and the associated New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement (New IFB) – has earned a reputation for having some of the most offensive Christian pastors in the country, who regularly use slurs like “fa***t” and explicitly say they support mass shooters who kill LGBTQ+ people.

Now they’re whining about getting death threats.

Christian pastor calls for every gay person to be lined up & “shot in the back of the head” Pastor Dillon Awes called for America to implement “the solution for the homosexual,” which is mass death.

Pastor Danil Kutsar of Sure Foundation said that he hopes “every homosexual dies” in a sermon last year.

“I hope every sodomite dies. I hope every homosexual dies. I hope every fa***t dies,” he said.


Family forced Saudi trans woman Eden Knight to detransition.

Now she’s dead.

On Monday a transgender woman from Saudi Arabia published a suicide note that incriminates

her parents with forcing her to detransition.

Eden Knight lived in the U.S. while she was attending school, and she came out as transgender during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a release organized by her friends. She originally was living with a friend, Bailee Daws, in Georgia until she was pressured to move to Washington, D.C. before being trafficked to Saudi Arabia where she was barred from accessing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), she writes in her final message posted to Twitter.

Her family allegedly hired a DC firm to traffic her back to Saudi Arabia, where she was forced off hormones.


Prosecutor threatens to throw librarian in jail for stocking this book

The librarian isn't afraid and invited the prosecutor to arrest her.

A Michigan county prosecutor has threatened to file criminal charges against public library workers for allowing minors to check out an LGBTQ-themed graphic novel that contains, in the prosecutor’s words, “child sexual abusive material.” The county’s library director has said the prosecutor is welcome to arrest her whenever he likes.

Lapeer County Prosecutor John Miller (R) says the book, Maia Kobabe’s Gender Queer: A Memoir, “borders on … child sexual abusive material,” according to Bridge Michigan because it allegedly contains “drawings of sex acts [that] appeared to involve ‘prepubescent boys.’” He said he began investigating the book after several county commissioners approached him about it.


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