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Confrontation does not help the LGBT community at all.

Being confrontational helps no one. It does not achieve anything but pushes others away.

If you use your 'OUTDOOR VOICE' - then people turn away

If you use your 'indoor voice' then people listen.

You can say the exact same thing but when shouted, people get annoyed and defensive whereas if you say the exact same thing with your indoor voice, gently and not screamed, then all too often, they listen.

There are times when it may be appropriate to use your OUTDOOR VOICE and at other times, it is not.

When you make so much of something that goes against the grain of what is normal, then it can feel like an uphill battle for acceptance.

Gay men fought that upward battle for many decades to get where we are today and sometimes the OUTDOOR VOICE was needed and at other times, the 'indoor voice' - and after many fights, arrests, beatings, media manipulation of the truth and much more besides, and NOT to forget all the work undertaken by Peter Tatchell - gay men now have a host of rights in law, that can just as easily be turned around as in Hungary, Russia, Poland and the USA and we need to always keep our guard up and NEVER take it for granted - or abuse it.

In America - some Republican senators have voiced how they wish to ' ERADICATE LGBTQ ' in their state and if even I heard anything so close to Hitler and the Nazi Party - that is most definitely it.

Many US states are now on massive witch hunts of drag queens, claiming they are grooming children and sexualizing children, and the mass hysteria surrounding this - is outrageous. I do not know of a single drag queen who is a paedophiles - not a single one, but a family member like an Aunt or Uncle, brother or sister, Mother and Father - THEY are the ones more likely to be grooming their kids for all the wrong reasons, whether it be forcing religion down their throat and turning them into religious bigots - or creating the racist of the future - bringing up their kids to be white supremists - and forcing their own ideology on their kids and damning those who oppose. How many parents fuck up their children and do so innocently - or so they think, by their own actions.

There are many ways to indoctrinate children besides grooming them for sex - and many of these are a lot more dangerous, a lot more vile than ever a drag queen sharing a fun NON SEXUAL story to a bunch of children who just laugh and giggle and love the drag queens because they are non threatening and fun... over the top - and kids love it. Here in the UK we do not see those in panto as grooming kids, and the panto is not sexualizing children, it's all fun and laughter and it is THE ADULTS PERVERTED SICK MINDS that turn a thing of beauty into a thing of danger for a young child's mind.

A women SCREAMED at me decades ago that a certain local and known paedophile - who NEVER touched her two young sons, and she was talking about five years previously - and how this pervert should go to jail and SCREAMED how disgusting it all was at me... and I responded that her screaming like this, to a complete stranger, IN FRONT OF HER TWO YOUNG SONS - would do her children a GREAT DEAL MORE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL DAMAGE than ever a drag queen in a panto or the man who - as she admitted - never touched her sons.

SHE was the abuser of her own children.

She went absolutely ballistic. Screaming at me, crying and panting heavily until she actually came over all faint and fell backwards and I just kept telling her to calm down and to breath, take a few deep breaths, stop this madness and grow up - especially in front of her 8 and 10 year old sons, and she absolutely cried and was hysterical. Her own panic - her own fears and her own chaotic mind full of mistruths and bullshit which was miles from any kind of truthful reality, allowed her to have this emotional breakdown in front of a complete stranger and her kids.

I kept repeating that this was not a healthy way to behave in front of her boys. I kept it calm within myself and helped her as much as I could to see how wrong she was and how she was the abuser here and not me, the gay man, who - as I told her - would prefer to have sex with her husband and NOT her boys - ( which I thought was actually funny ) but she wailed again at the thought.

Drag queens are simply having a laugh and sharing some fun stories with children in very open and public places like bookshops and libraries, and all advertised in advance, so not the sort of place to actually want to groom a child with so many eyes watching, and it's actually - bollocks.

The mass hysteria in Florida with Senator DeSantis going after Disney and Mickey Mouse because the Disney Corporation made a stand opposing his anti gay laws called "Don’t Say Gay” and the House passed bills on gender-transition treatments, bathroom use and keeping children out of drag shows and so now he is creating merry hell - or trying to - for Disney but I am glad to say, Disney and Mickey are one step ahead of him at every turn, BUT - a MASSIVE amount of damage has been done to the LGBT community and many will go backwards in their acceptance out of ignorance and fear. When people in important positions - and America is FULL of people / senators, opposing LGBT rights as well as drag queens , then everyone is hurt.

Mass chaos now surrounds Trans rights in the USA which are under attack in most states and many are being forced to de transition because it is illegal in some states for doctors to treat them, to give them the meds they may have been taking and help in any way, and even down to dress code if working in some way for the state, and you could loose your job if you do not dress in accordance with your born sexuality.

But some trans have to show it off,. Over do it all the time. Scream and shout and misbehave - demanding to be heard when that is NOT going to win the fight at all. It has to be earned and not demanded. It has to be through mutual respect and not because someone screams it at the world. You see, the world basically, isn't interested.

There will always be those within any community that just cause trouble, scream and shout and actually give ammunition to those who oppose by their very behaviour, and that is often so within the trans world. Many really do not help themselves and just put people off. Gently does it - not forced. Educating, not demanding. Through humour and not aggression.

So as many countries are going backwards with LGBT rights, NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED, for we have no rights at all, no one does, as we all are bigots, racists, homophobes, haters of someone or something, and we all judge according to our own ignorance and misinformation - and we are all responsible for protecting children from any harm - and we are all in this together - EVERYONE.

John Bellamy


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