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entitled women are the worst.

We have all met them. SNOWFLAKES or those who have a misplaced feeling of ENTITLEMENT to which they are not entitled to anything at all.
In recent times we have seen so many more dreadful instances of women acting appallingly towards their partner, family, strangers and even children.
Here are a few examples and if you have the same thing but for where men have acted in this manner, please share them with us for next week. Women manipulate men sexually, NOW AND ALWAYS.

If you really want to watch and CRINGE LIKE CRAZY at the appalling manner of one - er - women - who claims to be a YouTube Influencer and her behaviour, her audacity, her shock and horror at being told NO and her reaction absolutely leaves me thinking that her Mother REALLY should have used birth control to save the world from people like this. If ever there was a case for abortions, this women should have been aborted before birth.

HARSH ??? Just watch first. CLICK HERE
Read John Bellamy's comments at the end:

I read a report the other day about how a woman sitting alone on a railway station platform late in the evening when a man came and sat down the other end of the bench and put his headphones on and was sorting through his phone while listening to music and waiting, after a long day at work and on his feet all day, to sit and rest until the train arrived.

She asked him to leave as she was feeling uncomfortable.

He refused stating he was just waiting for the train and listening to music.

She persevered saying how uncomfortable she was and this time insisted he move away.

He again refused telling her he just wanted to sit and listen to his music while waiting for the train.

She persevered and eventually when it became obvious he was not going to do ' as instructed' by this entitled woman, she got up and moved calling him a ' fucking asshole.'

Now - the aggressive one here was her.

She was NOT threatened or she would have kept her big trap shut and moved away on her own and NOT drawn attention to herself or piss him off or make him aware of her at all.

She was the aggressor.

She was the snowflake

She was the Passive Aggressive one here and SHE was the one in the wrong.

JB: And women wonder why men are sick and tired of them and why so many men are content to remain single.


"My daughter worked at Sephora, and once — when the checkout line was really long — a woman cut in front of everyone saying, ‘I need to go first because I just know I’m spending more money today than the lot of you.'"

JB: Send her to the back of the que and make her wait in line as everyone else has to do and stand your ground. ------------------------- "I’m a server at the Cheesecake Factory, and the other day a lady complained that her bread was cold and hard. I apologized and said I would see what I could do. She then threw the bread — hitting me in the chest — and barked, 'Feel for yourself!'

JB: Call the cops as she has just assaulted you. ------------------------- "A woman called our dentist office and requested an appointment at a specific date and time. When I told her there was already someone scheduled at that time, she had the audacity to say, 'Well, can’t you just MOVE them?'”

JB: No I cannot and why should I - you are just another patient here and an annoying one at that.


"I was working at a bagel shop when a man slipped and fell in the doorway, knocking himself unconscious and bleeding from his head. When the paramedics arrived and were working to save his life, two women had the gall to ask them to move so they could get inside, then yelled at me about how they were going to be late to their children’s soccer game because we weren’t accepting any orders until the situation was cleared up."

JB: Bark Loudly at them that if this was their child - if this was their husband, then maybe they would see how disgusting their behaviour is . -------------------------

"Back in the '90s, my husband and I bought a $500 computer for his daughter for graduation. She said, 'Why should I say thank you? I didn't ask for it.'

JB: Take it back and get a refund. Buy her absolutely nothing at all, for Birthdays, Christmas or anything until she learn some gratitude. -------------------------

"I had a woman at the restaurant/bar I worked at get so drunk that she pissed herself. She then called the cops because we 'made her do it.'

JB: I hope the cops arrested her for wasting police time.


"I used to be a barista, and our worst customer was an overly entitled soccer mom who was never pleasant and very condescending. One day, she threw a coffee at me, screaming that I'd made it wrong. I looked at the cup and it wasn't even her coffee — it had someone else's name on it." "She was shocked that my manager told her to leave and started screaming that she needed a refund. She left only after my manager called the cops."

JB: You SHOULD have called the cops as she assaulted you with hot coffee.

------------------------- "At a bowling alley, I saw a toddler dump out an entire giant soda in front of their mom, who looked up from her phone, laughed, and did nothing. The kid then started playing in it. They left half an hour later leaving soda everywhere and on everything around the lane." JB: And you said and did nothing huh ? Nice one.... -------------------------

"I work at a restaurant, and one of our servers complimented a woman on her purse hanging over her chair. The woman responded, 'Oh, honey, you’ll never be able to afford this.'"

( JB Comments: This happened to me decades ago when a women in the night club I was working in had a diamond rind that I complimented. She arrogantly said thanks and I told her I had the exact same ring - and her response was - 'Oh I don't think so, there's no way you could afford something as expensive as this.' - and I brought my right hand up in front of her and showed her I was wearing it at the very time and it was exactly the same - 9 diamonds set in a square platinum with 18CT gold on the mount, and her mouth fell open and I just said - ' No need to patronise and be rude - You're not the only one with money dear.' - and she just shriveled and shrank right before me as she realised how rude she had been. The ' lowly barman' was able to match her; - and her arrogance, her condescending attitude, smacked her right in her own face as she showed herself up in front of the friends who all just laughed.


"A woman threw a fit at graduation because they wouldn't let her through the handicapped-accessible door (she wasn't handicapped). When she was told she had to climb the stairs like everyone else, she got so irrationally angry that she cussed out the building staff."

------------------------- "I was in a school performance of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when the girl playing one of the roles who everyone knew was upset about not getting a lead role) didn’t come onstage during a performance, and another actor had to say her lines for her. During the intermission we found her in the bathroom on her phone playing games. When we asked her why she didn’t come onstage, she replied, 'I had to finish level 7.'

JB: If she she is that selfish, completely cut her out of anything and everything in future and tell her exactly why. ------------------------- "I worked at Burger King when the power went out and we had to close. I'd just put up signs saying there was no power and we were closed when some women with three kids in tow pounded on the door to be let in. I pointed to the sign, mouthing, 'Sorry.' She went nuts, pounding the door and screaming that his kids were going to starve, and it would all be my fault. Took 10 minutes before she finally gave up with me just staring at her through the door in amazement and just kept pointing to the sign CLOSED.'


"Years ago I was at a concert in a very long line for the ATM when a woman dressed to the nines came to the front and demanded to go next. She was super snotty and kept saying, 'But I'm with LUONGO' (the goalie for the Canucks). She pointed to a guy about 20 feet away just staring at us. It was, in fact, Luongo, but nobody would let her in line."

JB: "Sorry, lady, you can wait just like the rest of us had to." -------------------------for his guinea pig to have a nail trim."

"I work reception at a vet and we had a puppy rushed in who wasn't breathing. A woman who was waiting asked me how long he'd have to wait for her pet's appointment and I apologized and explained about the puppy. She huffed and said, 'It's taking a long time, isn't it?!' Her appointment was for his guinea pig to have a nail trim."


After a woman nearly caused a horrendous car crash, and then she had to stop because of the traffic lights. I got out and ran round to her window and she wound it half down and I was ready to tell her 'WTF ARE YOU DOING WOMEN ?' - when she immediately said - ' Did you have to put your lickle fottie wootie on the bwakey wakey then ? ' and I came this close to smacking her entitled snotty fucking lights out .


"We gave gift cards to my rich kid cousins who rolled their eyes and said they had drawers full of them. I suggested to my parents that, next year, we make a donation in their name instead."

------------------------- "I was at a Christmas Eve party where the kids of the family that was hosting got mad they couldn’t open any presents yet, so they proceeded to throw their wrapped gifts into the fireplace. They got about five or six gifts into the fire before their dad stepped in. It was one of the most outrageous things I ever witnessed!"

JB: Take all the remaining gifts and take to a local children's home or charity and donate to those who will appreciate and offer gratitude and patience.

------------------------- "My mom made homemade gifts for my dad's sisters one year, but they scoffed and said handmade gifts were cheap and worthless, and they 'wanted something better next time.'"

JB: Give them nothing at all. It's not home made and neither is it bought.

------------------------- "I had a friend in high school who got the car she wanted with a custom paint job for Christmas. She pushed me to come over and see it after my family finished Christmas morning. She bragged for a while, then spent ages criticizing her other gifts — including a massive pile of clothes — and yelled at her mother because her Uggs weren't the right size. I was so embarrassed to be there."

JB _ And you said nothing to correct her - and this is exactly why she gets away with it... -------------------------

"One year my cousin, after she'd opened all of her own gifts, started opening everyone else's gifts too. When I tried to stop her, she screamed bloody murder. My aunt said to let her because she was a baby and didn't know better. He was 5." JB: Bad parenting.


A daughter of a business friend refused a new, gold Mercedes convertible because, she told her parents, 'you knew I wanted a black one.'"

JB: Take the car away and give her nothing until she appreciates what she was given., Make her take the bus. ------------------------- "My sister threw a tantrum when my parents bought more presents for my newborn son (their first grandchild) than they did for her this past Christmas. She counted 'only' 11 for her and he had 13."

JB: Buy her NOTHING next year until she learns gratitude. -------------------------

I host a holiday party every year and take care of the alcohol, appetizers, and a small gift for everyone invited. I plan and budget for it for MONTHS. I invited this new girl from work who didn’t have a lot of friends and she happily accepted. Even though I explained multiple times that I have a head count and can’t do plus ones, she showed up with her sister, boyfriend, AND another co-worker of ours anyway!" "They all drank way too much, complained there wasn’t enough food, and whined that they didn’t get a gift like everyone else even though I offered for them to take a bottle of wine home instead. The real cherry on top was that she insisted I either let them crash at my place OR pay for the Uber home since I was the hostess and it was my job to make sure people get home safely!"

JB: Call the police to get them out of your home and then ignore her in future, not a single word. -------------------------

My boss told me they had to go to the Apple store after closing to return the iPhone 8 her nephew's parents had bought for the child after he cried all of Christmas Day because he wanted the iPhone X."

JB: I blame the parents for giving in so easily.


"Back when the iPod touch was a big deal, my dad got my sister one for Christmas because my sister loved music. My dad had it inscribed with, 'I love you, (sister's name). Love, Dad.' My sister opened it and said it was a terrible gift and that she would never use it.

"I told her it was an amazing gift and asked if I could have it. She said 'yes' and I used it all the time. But it was a hilarious reminder that it wasn't actually my present every time I looked at the inscription."

JB: I hope she went without. -------------------------

My cousin’s second wife only comes around on the holidays and sits in the other room, away from everyone. Last Christmas, when it came time to hand out gifts from my grandma, she looked at hers and growled, 'She spelled my name wrong.' She then left the family gathering a few minutes later. She was so salty that my 83-year-old grandmother misspelled her name that she left.

JB: Let her leave and never ask / invite her again. ------------------------- My childhood best friend threw a three-hour crying fit when her high school boyfriend proposed to her on Christmas. The reason? The ring he proposed with wasn't the one she wanted."

JB: Take it back and dump the self centred cow. -------------------------

An ex-friend took her kids to a holiday celebration where she drank too much and let her kids run around the room. Her kids then found a Christmas tree in the lobby that had toys for needy kids underneath it, and ripped open a bunch." When they were pulled away they threw a huge tantrum, including kicking the workers and trying to break the things they had unwrapped. Their mother refused to apologize saying, 'What did you expect, having presents out for children to open?' Her kids were 8 and 10."

JB: I'd call Social Services on her. -------------------------

My cousin got a new designer bag from her mother one Christmas and called it 'hideous.' My aunt gave it to me instead. Merry Christmas!"

JB: Result. ------------------------- My aunt’s boyfriend’s son is the most spoiled brat I’ve ever known. This year for Christmas he asked for a new car and was told 'no' because CARS ARE EXPENSIVE, and his current car is a 2014 Mustang. So what did he do? According to my aunt, he’s gone on a 'shower strike' until he gets a new car."

JB: I'd leave him to stink and still no car. ------------------------- An acquaintance yelled at his aunt after she gave him a $50 Amazon gift card, demanded cash, and then — when his aunt (rightfully) refused — threw the card at her and left the family party. He’s 40."

JB: Never - ever - buy this prick anything ever again. ZERO. -------------------------

I work at a bank and I had customer tell me, last year he gave each of his 12 grandchildren $1000 each. Not a single one of them said thank you, they all acted like it was expected. This year he gave them all $20 and is going to tell them he's moving out of state

JB: Good answer. No thanks., No future anything. -------------------------

John Bellamy Comments:

Sadly, this really does seem like a women's thing these days as so many straight men are sick of being treated like second class citizens by some women and just give up - and I have met so many who would rather just wank than be manipulated just because they want to get their dick wet - and even half an hour ago while walking my dog in the local park, a local older man recognised me ' off the telly ' and we chatted and he told me he was sick of women using him and he had not had sex in 7 years and just wanked because he was sick of being manipulated... and this coming from a straight men to me... and I do laugh... and many / some women use their sexual prose to their advantage while screaming they want equality and how dare a man use sex / expect sex - and women scream abuse but they use sex as a tool to get what they want and always have and always will.


Going to a film producers hotel bedroom at midnight to get the part in the film says a lot about the producer, and the starlet, who will do whatever it takes to get famous and then complain and bitch years later when rich and famous and the poor producer goes to jail while the women who prostituted herself willingly, get sympathy as if they were the victim when we

all know who the real victim is here.

I have straight man who comes to see me for sex. He was never married as he learned young how manipulative women are and after a couple of times being messed around by women and a false claim of rape, that was proven to be false, he says he gave up on them

Remembering he is straight, and a long story - he is a very sexy masculine, muscular, hairy and hung man who is a bit brutal in the face, but sexy as shit, and women just manipulate him and want his babies which is NOT what he wants as he knows these women just want a baby from ANYONE as long as the man then pays for the rest of time to keep them as ' Stay at Home Moms' while wanting nothing to do with the man after that. He became sickened with the controlling attitude and most of all for treating him like a child which really pissed him off. One women slapped him because he would not move out of the way fast enough while she was doing her hair and he immediately slapped her back. She screamed the house down and when he refused to apologise - she wept and carried on and on and because her ' ploy' was getting her nowhere - her acting like ' the victim' - so she decided to call the police.

When it turned out she had ' laid her hands on him first' which she readily admitted to the police - the police threatened to arrest HER as SHE was the aggressor - and while she ranted at the police that he had hit her, a women - assuming this meant something - which is did not - she was the one who was prosecuted after he decided to press charges as he was sick of her always throwing tantrums to get everything her own way - admitting it aggressively to the police as if it was a badge of honour to have slapped a man for no reason - went against her in court - and she was made to serve 100 hours of Community Social and pay a fine, attend anger management classes and had her name in the local paper as an abuser, and it backfired spectacularly against her. he left and never went back and has been happily single and enjoying life without the complications women give.

Another friend who was so sure he was ' on the promise' from a women friend asking him round for dinner one evening really thought he was in for a good evening, and after dinner it turned out all she wanted was some electrical work doing and some shelves putting up. He did - and told me he only put the shelves up with minimum raw plugs and that IT WILL fall down soon while covered in her things and she will then - maybe - realize that you get what you pay for in life and sexually teasing men is not good. He also put a very low wattage fuse into a kettle and toaster and these will keep popping all the time, and she will have to lay - or pay - someone eventually to sort it out and not use a promise of sex that is then unforthcoming - as - she hasn't paid the bill...

That's fraud or even theft. I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ... and she didn't.

Men can be - they really can be, emotional cripples playing with their willy all the time and thinking about sex a lot, and that's men. Women have different thoughts and realizing this - helps. We are close to coming to a time when more and more men will be sick of the manipulation and like the man in the park, will enjoy wanking and a free life without all the complications of having a women around, and this is straight men we are talking about and not gay men, as we have no use for a women other than as a cleaner or to iron our clothes or serve behind the till in Asda - ( just kidding ) while straight men get manipulated in the hope of some pussy, and the women know it and use it to their own advantage.

Women's rights are important but NOT in replacement of mens. EQUALITY MEANS JUST THAT - EQUALITY. and I COMPLETELY agree in BLM - Women's Rights - including their own control over their body and abortion rights etc. I believe women are the strong ones and not the men and emotionally women have it together while men are - emotional cripples, and patronising and condescending is NOT the way forward girls, it really isn't.



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