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entitled women are the worst.

We have all met them. SNOWFLAKES or those who have a misplaced feeling of ENTITLEMENT to which they are not entitled to anything at all.
In recent times we have seen so many more dreadful instances of women acting appallingly towards their partner, family, strangers and even children.
Here are a few examples and if you have the same thing but for where men have acted in this manner, please share them with us for next week. Women manipulate men sexually, NOW AND ALWAYS.

If you really want to watch and CRINGE LIKE CRAZY at the appalling manner of one - er - women - who claims to be a YouTube Influencer and her behaviour, her audacity, her shock and horror at being told NO and her reaction absolutely leaves me thinking that her Mother REALLY should have used birth control to save the world from people like this. If ever there was a case for abortions, this women should have been aborted before birth.

HARSH ??? Just watch first. CLICK HERE
Read John Bellamy's comments at the end:

I read a report the other day about how a woman sitting alone on a railway station platform late in the evening when a man came and sat down the other end of the bench and put his headphones on and was sorting through his phone while listening to music and waiting, after a long day at work and on his feet all day, to sit and rest until the train arrived.

She asked him to leave as she was feeling uncomfortable.

He refused stating he was just waiting for the train and listening to music.

She persevered saying how uncomfortable she was and this time insisted he move away.

He again refused telling her he just wanted to sit and listen to his music while waiting for the train.

She persevered and eventually when it became obvious he was not going to do ' as instructed' by this entitled woman, she got up and moved calling him a ' fucking asshole.'

Now - the aggressive one here was her.

She was NOT threatened or she would have kept her big trap shut and moved away on her own and NOT drawn attention to herself or piss him off or make him aware of her at all.

She was the aggressor.

She was the snowflake

She was the Passive Aggressive one here and SHE was the one in the wrong.

JB: And women wonder why men are sick and tired of them and why so many men are content to remain single.


"My daughter worked at Sephora, and once — when the checkout line was really long — a woman cut in front of everyone saying, ‘I need to go first because I just know I’m spending more money today than the lot of you.'"

JB: Send her to the back of the que and make her wait in line as everyone else has to do and stand your ground. ------------------------- "I’m a server at the Cheesecake Factory, and the other day a lady complained that her bread was cold and hard. I apologized and said I would see what I could do. She then threw the bread — hitting me in the chest — and barked, 'Feel for yourself!'

JB: Call the cops as she has just assaulted you. ------------------------- "A woman called our dentist office and requested an appointment at a specific date and time. When I told her there was already someone scheduled at that time, she had the audacity to say, 'Well, can’t you just MOVE them?'”

JB: No I cannot and why should I - you are just another patient here and an annoying one at that.


"I was working at a bagel shop when a man slipped and fell in the doorway, knocking himself unconscious and bleeding from his head. When the paramedics arrived and were working to save his life, two women had the gall to ask them to move so they could get inside, then yelled at me about how they were going to be late to their children’s soccer game because we weren’t accepting any orders until the situation was cleared up."