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Ex-Pope Benedict demonised LGBT+ people

As the Catholic world mourns the former Pope, we remember he was a vicious homophobe who said homosexuality was an "objective disorder" & "tendency ordered towards an intrinsic moral evil".

This - coming out of the mouth that is suppose to be God's representative on Earth.

This coming from a man supposedly sharing the Love of God.

This coming from a man cloistered away with nuns and priests who abuse, manipulate, murder and worse, and who get away with it time and time again.

He demanded Catholics oppose LGBT+ equality, said homophobic discrimination was 'legitimate' & LGBTs bought hate & violence on themselves by demanding human rights.

He also covered up child sex abuse & opposed women's rights.

There is “no right” to be gay. It is “an intrinsic moral evil’

He declared the human rights of LGBTs can be ‘legitimately limited’

London, UK – 3 January 2023

Speaking ahead of the funeral of the former Pope, Benedict XVI, this Thursday, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said:

“Pope Benedict was an unrepentant homophobe. Some of his doctrinal declarations on homosexuality echoed the bigotry of far right and Islamist extremists. He will not be mourned by the LGBT+ community.

“In 1992, as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he authored an official Vatican declaration: Some Considerations Concerning the Catholic Response to Legislative Proposals on the Non-Discrimination of Homosexual Persons

“This stated that a homosexual orientation is an ‘objective disorder’ and a ‘tendency ordered towards an intrinsic moral evil.’

‘The practice of homosexuality may seriously threaten the lives and well-being of a large number of people…(it is) behaviour to which no one has any conceivable right.’

“It demanded that Catholics oppose LGBT+ equality and laws protecting LGBTs against discrimination; saying there is ‘no right’ to be gay and declaring that the human rights of LGBTs can be ‘legitimately limited.’

“It compares restrictions on the human rights of homosexual people to what it deems to be the necessary and justified restrictions placed by society on ‘contagious or mentally ill persons.’

“Benedict noted that some forms of anti-gay discrimination are ‘not unjust’ and may even be ‘obligatory’ – especially with regard to ‘the consignment of children to adoption or foster care, in employment of teachers or coaches, and in military recruitment.’

( WTF ? and with the history the nuns have of abusing children in the Magdalene Laundries and the mass beatings and murder of children under their care ??? BY priests and Nuns ??? )

“Benedict’s declaration went on to suggest that when LGBTs seek equal human rights ‘neither the Church nor society should be surprised when … irrational and violent reactions increase.’

( So he is saying violence against LGBT is okay - Very Godly I am sure.... NOT. )

“This was widely interpreted as implying that LGBT+ people provoke homophobic prejudice and violence, bringing hatred upon themselves and being responsible for their own suffering as a result of our illegitimate demands for equality. He seemed to be blaming the victims of homophobia, not the perpetrators.

“Benedict! sanctioned the infliction of huge suffering on millions of LGBTs worldwide, including persecuting gay clergy and gay Catholics who supported LGBT+ equality.

“His 1992 declaration remains official Vatican policy,” said Mr Tatchell.




John Bellamy Comments: Gossip:

What I am about to share with you may be a pack if lies, but the gossip goes that the reason he retired - which is unheard of in Popes who usually always die on the job - was that the police were on his tail for covering up mass pedophiles within the church and was about to be arrested and prosecuted and the church agreed with the authorities that he would retire to avoid prosecution.

He may not have been a pedophile himself or done anything untoward towards another human being, BUT HE COVERED IT UP - hundreds of times - and that is no better than pimping - as it aids and abets - and that is illegal.

This gossip was widely heard and widely repeated but please do not believe what I say as accurate as this is - I repeat - GOSSIP that spread widely at the time of his resignation and may just be bullshit - HOWEVER - we KNOW how the church does in fact cover up and hide pedophiles within the church - we KNOW the church is full of sexually dysfunctional priests molesting children and women - and we KNOW the church hides and protects these priests and we KNOW hundreds if not thousands have been hidden by the church to avoid prosecution - so when you hear gossip that has a ring of truth to it, we tend to believe, as past reputation proceeds.

The church does a massive amount of good and righteous work around the world and millions find peace and wonderment in its teachings, HOWEVER - through mass murder, mass torture, genocide and the destruction of the truth of humankind and the true teachings of Christ which the church are guilty of massively editing to suit themselves and their priests and abusive nuns - and over and over again, we see and we hear what an appalling institution - or CULT - this quite evil church has been throughout the ages and continues in that manner today.

This is just another case of how powerful the church is - to actually stop an arrest and have the power over the authorities that no one else has, and that, is appalling. If true.

I DO NOT mourn his passing in any way at all, as this man was evil and twisted in his hatred and his fear of anyone and anything that did not conform to his bigoted and edited view of teachings written thousands of years ago and that are absolutely and mainly not current with modern times. This old bastard deserves to rot in hell although when in Heaven, I hope Jesus and his Dad take him to one side for a private little chat about what God's love TRULY means, and how it is NOT limited to those you approve of - but to everyone.


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