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Gas and Electric Surcharge

You have seen it on the TV News. Gas and Electric prices rising hugely this winter.
ELECTRICITY Our monthly electric bill is usually around £300 Last month with almost no one in the building and minimum electrical use - £385. Almost a 25% increase.
We also have to pay 20% VAT on business utilities.
GAS Our monthly gas bill averaged around £300 a month and last month - with a half empty hotel and minimum heating on - £1,250 An increase as you can figure out - 400% increase. IN JUST ONE MONTH.

Being only half full for the last few weeks - and where we have minimally used the heating just an hour night and morning, this increase goes way beyond normal usage and these kind of increases will close many small businesses like saunas - as they cannot afford to have the heating on throughout the day - it is just too costly and sometimes, where it can, these extra costs have to be passed onto the customer.

If as we are all being told this winter will see shortages in gas and an increase three fold in the price of gas and electricity, then Hamilton Hall will be forced to add a UTILITY SURCHARGE of £5 per night to pay towards the extra cost of heating the venue so you can go naked throughout.

We cannot take this extra costs on board without passing part of the cost onto you, the customer. Our hotel prices have not increased in 3 years so we DO NOT expect to be given heartache and aggravation over this and if you do not accept, then please and with our complete blessing, go to the Hilton or the Premier Inn and see how you like it there in a corporate giant of a hotel.

Hamilton Hall is owned and run as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and we cannot afford to ride out financial storms like corporate giants often can and when large corporate venues close and cannot stay open - remember Woolworths - then if they cannot stay open - how do people expect a small venue without the back up from head office supporting and helping.

Hundreds of venues have closed and many stating Covid as an excuse and in many cases this is just bollocks, as they were paid huge amounts from the governments to stay open and stay employing staff and if they still closed, then what happened to the multi millions handed out by the government to supposedly help these venues re open when Covid allowed. Yet tens of thousands of small and large business have not re opened and have taken the lolly and ran.

Hamilton Hall is here and open and in the know that many need to be shown some kind of normality after 18 months of insanity - and we are here. With a caring shoulder, a thoughtful manner and a compassionate soul, we are here for you. However - if and when we feel it is right to add a UTILITY CHARGE to every booking, we will advise if and when we feel the need to do so and will not just spring it upon customers, as this BLOG is a warning of what MAY HAPPEN , IF PRICES CONTINUE AND THERE ARE SHORTAGES. We are ALL in the same boat.

We are ALL going to have to face these extra charges.

We are ALL going to face a winter ahead with Covid still in the news. We are ALL concerned about loosing our business or job

We are ALL financially worried about paying these new higher than normal bills WE are ALL still concerned and scared for the future and


and if you don't get that - don't appreciate and value that, then you are unworthy and will be ignored until you do.


So anyone who assumes they are special, they are alone in this, that everyone has to listen and cater to them and only them, and where they throw abuse at others and either are anti vax and anti mask or anti anything that helps society rebuild itself and anyone tugging against the flow and against reality and against our healing process, will MOST DEFINATELY not be welcome at Hamilton Hall and probably shunned in many places until we can all be singing from the same hymn book and all on the same page and all aiming at the same resolution of a new beginning and where we as a society / community - can rebuild and move forwards - TOGETHER - and where we all fight for the same causes and the same re creation of life as we knew it.

So if utility prices continue to sky rocket, be prepared that many venues will add a Utility Surcharge, or simply put their charges up, and one way or the other, these costs will be passed onto the consumer if you expect these small venues to stay open.

Hamilton Hall is no different, we just tell you in advance what may happen if things do not improve. It is not our doing. I am not the one responsible for this Pandemic, the price of oil and gas and not responsible if you are bored or ill or anything else. It is NOT MY DOING, and all I can do is offer the best we have to help and your appreciation of how we are all in the same boat - helps.

Anyone disrespecting this, will be told in no uncertain terms ( you should know me by now, I do not stand fools and do not take prisoners ) and will not be welcome at Hamilton Hall. I shall repeat for the few who still do not get it - and I do meet them still....





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