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Gays in Iraq need your help.

I come to you all the way from Iraq to ask for your support to save lives like my own.

Iraq is on the verge of approving a law that can punish same-sex couples, trans people, and LGBT+ activists with extreme measures, including the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Kidnappings, murders, sexual assault, and torture have been a reality for LGBT+ people in Iraq for years now, as the government fails to protect us from armed groups that attack our community in broad daylight.

The story of Khadija, a young transgender woman who survived a brutal attack in February 2021, might keep you awake at night. On her way back home from work, she was stopped by five men in a truck.

They kicked, punched, and slapped her, threw her in a rubbish bin, and pulled out a razor blade and a screwdriver.

"[They] poked and cut me all over... They sliced me up and poured around five litres of petrol all over my body and face and set me alight."

This is not an isolated case.

As the Anti-LGBT Death Bill advances to approval, hatred against our community increases in our neighbourhoods. Iraqi citizens have already started asking for protection and All Out's partners at the Guardians of Equality Movement need YOUR support to provide this urgent help.

We have only two weeks to raise $10,000 to pay for the urgent relocation of those at the greatest risk.

Michael John, you signed a petition asking for the Anti-LGBT Death Bill not to be approved – thank you! Will you take the next step and donate today to help provide an LGBT+ Iraqi with the urgent resources they need to stay safe and alive?

Your donation today will cover legal support, security needs, transportation, and housing costs for LGBT+ people asking for urgent help.

The government and anti-LGBT+ armed groups have been sending their message through the bodies of LGBT+ people. Our message of solidarity and support must be even louder. Michael John, can I count on your support?

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