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good for a laugh if nothing else.


Many of us know straight away when we have met a complete and utter fuck up of a human being. We can tell when someone is a moron.
When they lie and bullshit us, when they spread unrealistic fanciful conspiracy theories that have absolutely no grounding in reality and is ' far out there' in looney tunes land of a child like fantasy - and this is passed on to us as genuine ;- and when they damn others who are against them and who speak up and state what bullshit, what crap this is ;- they then scream their fundamental rights are being abused, their freedom of expression and of choice, and they scream how they are the victim because you disbelieve a word they say and they will go 'off on one' about how abusive you are when the truth is, some people are full of crap while others will read them on it and not stand for dangerous things being said and is often facilitated for fame, money, and to ' do down' others they may disaprove of ( get you !!! ) and this is usually caused through religion or politics, both of which is rife with corruption, bullshit, lies, misconception of reality and blatantly using what they say to put others down to be less, while making themselves appear to be more

We have all met people like this and we have all been aware that, in life, we meet some absolute and complete idiots that - for some reason or another - have become employed in a high place, while being incompetant - and mayhem follows ( Boris comes to mind straight away bumbling fool - oh and Trump, oh the list goes on ... ) while staff pick up the pieces and pay the price. Below here are two hillarious if not tragic cases to take a look at and believe me, these are real, not made up, and YES - someone has actually said these things - they actually came out of a grown ups mouth with serious meaning and thought put in behind the words and you absolutely have to agree that - WTF ?????


I have been an out gay man since I was 15 years of age, so over 50 years - worked in all sorts of gay venues and been ' on the gay scene for a very long time and I have never - ever - heard a single word about the hidden homosexual / gay agenda except to have a happy life and to do no harm. These people are SO AFRAID of us and for all imaginary reasons they make up in their own little heads and they run around sreaming and ranting about a completely fabricated imagined theory that causes trouble while being complete bullshit lies. And they get away with it.

People follow.

People believe.

People aremorons and have little common sense to follow this clap trap and it beggars belief they aren't just laughed at, but a few believe... they actually believe this clap trap - which is OUTSTANDING.

Outstanding that there are other fools - who meet other fools - and share foolish chatter that leads to more fools joining and before you know it, we have a Republican Party.. ( ha ha )

This man below is so scared of ' the gays' that he screams and rants against us, and one might think - a little too loud dear - a little to forceful dear, a little like you are hiding the real you behind bluster and ranting to cast the look - the blame, the thought - elsewhere but not about himself - the camp man afraid of ' the gays' who in all reality, is dying to get a cock up his bum and why else is he so scared... why else is he ranting - why is he so adamant against gays when the world is in a massive mess and he has - he shows - absolutely no interest in that at all but just ' the gays ' that so proccupy his mind, his thoughts and in all probability, his wet dreams. Oh and he uses what he claims toi be God's Words to back himself up and - ha ha - you cannot rally fight against what God says - unless of course God never said such a thing at all and what writings he is spouting are from homophobic men and not God at all, and then massively mistranslated and badly edited and mistruths addes by the tin and he claims this to be the word of God ... ha ha ... he might as well quote Harry Potter as real as to kids, it is real... but as adults we usually can tell the difference. Shame on those who assume these two listed here - are genuine and real and have your best interests at heart when we all know - it is about fame and fortune at the cost of others.

It is tragic that these morons actually have a voice and that voice is - sadly - heard by others who - sadly - agree with them and - sadly - this gets noticed and others then - sadly - follow these morons and they become powerful but - they are morons... Period. And its no use wondering ' WTF ?' as they are now a Company CEO - or worse still, the President - and all those who know them to be morons are talked down to a demoted and as the morons rise to the top and chaos rains down from above - it is up to the non morons below to srort out the flooding, the despair the confusion and chaos this brings and the morons get away with it.

If you don't laugh, you would cry and if you cried, then despair sets in and they have won. The morons will be in charge.
( OOps - Too late --- They already are ... ? )

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