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Here for the long haul

Hamilton Hall - Here for the long haul
When I opened Hamilton Hall 21 years ago some of the gay organisations clearly didn't like us being here as we were independent of them.
Many individuals came from an ego point of view, and without knowing us - had nothing nice to say about me and the hotel.
A few people complained about our advert being the whole back page of their monthly newsletter while accepting the money for the advert and others complained because their own group / organisation was not offering the multitude of events we were advertising - and rather than be pleased someone was - even if their group was not - the resentment was huge and so very childish - for them - as they were missing out - as out of that resentment, they had nothing nice to say while actually never having visited or experience the joys of Hamilton Hall.
It was always somewhat sad for the few who could not accept.

Some gay organisations wanted us to be something we are not - that we fulfil and live up to their ethos and not my own and then turned nasty and resentful when I made it clear this was my venue and I will run it my way and not how some one with absolutely no idea about running a venue assume / presume / demand I run it THEIR way - and complained after I spoke up and made it obvious I was not going to be bullied or pushed or put up with bad attitude from a few within these groups and organisations who - clearly - were miffed ( and jealous )

And where - exactly - are these people now ? They are much the same as they ever were and have not grown, not evolved, never reaching their original goals set during their creation and their ethos changes as it becomes clear many are not wiling to do very much but take take take and few are willing to put in - so things grind to a crawl. It remains a bit the same year in and year out. Nothing new. No enlightenment.

Hamilton Hall is still here. Hamilton Hall is as busy as ever. Hamilton Hall is well respected for the work we do, the events we offer and the delightful venue we constantly ensure is up to date and as you would expect. Hamilton Hall has reopened to a very welcome return. Many still envy. - Many still resent. - Many are still jealous, because we live the lifestyle many can only dream of - and we know and appreciate this.

So if you are reading this in a LGBT FREE ZONE - or at home living with homophobic parents / family / wife etc. - or in a totalitarian regime where you hide your differences for fear of persecution, or you are trans and keeping that covert, or your religious beliefs say you are evil and a hell child - or any reason so many live in fear of retribution from God Fearing people who claim to be doing God's / Allah's work while actually being the bully, the opressor and even the murderer of God's children - regardless of LGBTQ or even straight ... then we hear your prayers and we see your plight and we are here for you FOR THE LONG HAUL and we are going nowhere but offer support and compassion to a LGBTQ community in desperate need of some soul. - Not from ego - as here at Hamilton Hall, it is about community and as a NOT FOR PROFIT venue and where I only get board and lodgings, no weekly wage,

Hamilton Hall, quite simply, is not going anywhere - and we are here for men especially for those who hate - and we are here for the long haul.

John Bellamy

Fear, Fears Love. While Love, Loves Fear.





Another great newsletter John. Great read on a wet Sunday. Thanks. Jacob.

Completely agree with your sentiment on those who have not helped during this crisis. Spot on John. As a member of several groups where we have heard nothing, you are correct in your comments. Members will be aware . Watching with interest. Name withheld

Absolutely loved your intro to last weeks Blog John. Well said. About time someone stood up and read it as it is. Too many grab the headlines while offering nothing at all and take all the glory and for what - fuck all. Too many ego queens on the scene claiming all sorts of lies and deceptions to promote themselves and it just makes me cringe John, it really does. So much attitude... This was why I lkeft London and eventually left Brighton ( London By The Bay ) as it attracts the wrong type of gay man and not always the good sort but the ego driven attention seekers. I left Brighton and now live far away from those screwy queens who ruin it for others - far far away down here in Cornwall where gay people are a lot more real and not so plastic fake. Give me real people any day John and far away from those who bring the LGBTQ community into disrespect. Andy G.

Good Blog as ever John. Loved your introduction editorial about those who have not been there for us - and you are the modern Bryan Derbyshire for he spoke the truth even though it upset some and he was brave enough to read it as it was and many disliked and he was always spot on much as you often are John. He also saw the LGBT community as quite a dangerous place to reside because of too much mental health and too many attitude queens and just too many indians wanting to be chiefs but with nothing to offer in leadership at all. Being outspoken will garner you the haters and I admire you for taking them on. As you say, where are they now, 21 yearts on, and what have they been doing and who have they been helping ? Yet Hamiltoin Hall under you John still musters on and still helps and still promotes the betterment of the LGBT community and I truly admire you for that. Hope to visit again - it's been 3 years... too long.

Roger F.

Read some negative Trip Advisor reports on Hamilton Hall and just loved your answers. Made me laugh. Made me realise what you put up with. Made me see how damned difficult some people can be and how you do not have to put up with bad attitude and good on you John.

Gave up my own B&B years ago. 5 years and we were through with it. D&T

John. You do make me laugh. The balls on you. To keep going the way you do after 21 years. The way you keep the flame and keep the passion and keep on going. Truly admireable. I am sending you an award. You deserve it. Mark.

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