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In Another Life: People Who Remember Their Past Lives Share Their Stories

In Another Life: People Who Remember Their Past Lives Share Their Eerie, Surprising, and Comical Stories

Are you ready for some truly mind-boggling stories?

Today, we’re diving into the world of people who claim to remember their past lives. From tales of reincarnated royalty to former pirates, these folks have some seriously vivid memories that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about life, death, and everything in between. These memories are so convincing, in fact, that they’ve led some people to completely change their lives based on what they remember from their past lives.

So grab a snack, sit back, and get ready for a wild ride through history as we explore the mysterious world of past life memories. Let’s go!


My past lives.

by John Bellamy

A prostitute in the 1880'2 who died when the house in Amsterdam caught fire.

The last thoughts in her head were for her hair.

A sailor in galleon ship days who drowned after being in the water for 3 days This was the only time I actually saw my body after leaving my physical self.

A women who died in New York giving birth .

Where the women who owned the lodging house was ragging at me for ' Bringing that bastard child into her decent home'- and I died on the floor in the parlour bleeding out and feeling so awful - unwed Mother in the 1840's.

A women on a Hawaiian Island

Having been beaten for having sex with her brother - all legal and customary, the missionaries from the Church of Rome were now saying this had to stop and I was beaten to death.

A psychic child in Italy

Having been hidden by my Mother because I ' had a gift' others would fear, after her death I became known and used by the church to predict how certain wars / battles would go for them, and when predicting battles the church would loose, I was burned as the church said I was in league with the Devil. I was no more than 13 years pf age.

Concentration Camp Young Male I used sex to stay alive and the only memory I have - which at the time revolted, was eating a soldiers ass in order to stay alive, and in THIS life, eating ass is one of my biggest turn on's yet back then, clearly not. No idea how I died as the vision for that life's ending was foggy.

You may notice the one thing that unites most of the lives I have lived. SEX played a big role. And in this current life, I was a SEX WORKER and it was as if I brought all my lives together in this one and used all my skills and expertise into play as ' common fucking sense'.

There are no more past lives to come as there is no more karma as we have come to the point in the human experience when it is time for ALL of humanity to ' move on' - to raise the vibration and never return to this 3 D dimension again.


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