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Inside the warped world of incel extremists

I urge you to click below and read this article as it is fascinating.
John Bellamy Comments first: 'Men who consider themselves unable to ever have sex with women - for whatever reason and not because they are gay - and use this as a cause to create mayhem and murder sends a very loud message of how we - all of us - have fucked things up with the church holding the ultimate card of responsibility for drumming into us all strict rules - guidelines - on sexual behaviour and many have used these rules to subjugate and hold down whole parts of society and call them ' childish' - or 'little boys' - or ' isn't masterbation just for teenagers' if and when they want to play with their willies, when the absolute opposite is nearer the truth and those who have laughed at and belittled are the ones responsible for this horrendous act of violence and there are many 'do gooders' out there tonight - and many who find fault with men wanting sex, those who put down and decry a mans natural needs as childish and wrong, and these are the very people who have blood on their hands today.

Now I am not talking about rape or anything else forced. I am talking about those women / people who put men down and treat them as childish, as if men haven't a clue, and this kind of arrogance from a few within society marginilizes many men who feel disenfranchised by society in the first place and because of their shyness or innability to chat to women, for whatever reason, find themselves sexually frustrated and we all know the dangers of that - don't we - as that is where rape and abuse come from and no one wants that. Women are just as fucked up as men - PERIOD - and when women talk down to men, put them down, disrespect and belittle, which is more common than you can imagine, it is going to cause and create these exact kind of situations where some men - could be radicalised by groups opposed to how things are and although not a political ideology, still causes great disharmony within society and sadly, as in this case, an extreme outcome.

Tens of thousdands of men are abused every year by women and yet you hardly hear a thing about it.

Myra Hindley & Rose West - just two examples of how women can be just as murderous and as cruel as any man and then use their feminine charms to act the victim and men get the blame.

Women abuse. Women rape. Women mistreat children and women abuse their partner and women murder. Men are not the only ones who screw it up and abuse. Trouble is, all we hear is the womens point of view, her side of the story when all too often, it is the women who causes and creates the problem and then cry and get everyone to feel sorry for them when their man reacts accordingly to her stiring it up and causing the trouble in the first place.

I saw this from my own Mother and the problems she caused just because she hated to be ignored - and the family problems she created for years - until we realised she was just doing it for attention, but she continued to cause great family rows JUST SO SHE WAS CENTRE STAGE - and we all HATED it... but she was having a ball and thoroughly having fun being in the middle even if we were barking at her for ruining yet another pleasant afternoon where - maybe - her grandkids were centre stage and she so resented that, she would cause a scene to get the attention and yes, she would use any means possible, her own children, her grandkids, she absolutely didn't care who got hurt or upset as long as she was not being ignored. She even used the death of one of her own grandchildren and the death of her daughter, my sister aged 39 - to garner attention and it was all about her and the fact I had lost a sister never came into it.

I am not justifying what this man did at all, but I do feel his pain and I do see how sexually fucked up society is - largely at the hands of the church for 2,000 years of clap trap brain washing and largely at the hands of those with the power.

There are many who feel disenfranchised from society and it is no wonder there are so many young men and women who feel left on the side lines of society as it rushes forward and some get left in the wake. It is these people we need to worry about, care about, talk to and help where we can as otherwise, like in Afghanistan, we will find ourselves with a whole generation of young unhappy people with a bent towards anger because of their lot in life ( as they see it ) and where they feel they do not have a voice, a choice or any alternative and the only way to be heard is through violence.

It is wrong. But it is how society has caused and created its own problem. Look at the middle east and the terrorism perpetrated by small groups of people against the mighty clout of Russia, America, and actually the whole of the west, and as we have seen - WE CANNOT WIN - we the bullies who have caused and created the whole thing by the very manner we have abused these countries to such a point, which we than blame on them and take absolutely no responsibility for - they will then blow themselves up to take out some of us and make a point - the mighty clout of America and they cannot win against a load of uneducated ( ? ) men and women who follow an ideology foreign to us but worthy of dying for in their fight against the mighty all powerful west, and see whose winning - NOT THE WEST... we just took another crushing blow in Afghanistan where after 20 years of death and destruction, it seems to have all been for nothing.

Isn't this Vietman all over again ?

Are we destined to learn fuck all and just keep repeating the same madness over and over again.

It seems we are. Or at least. It seems stupid dumb mohtr fuckers at the top - want to repeat the same mistakes as its good for business and that's good for money and power. It's all about power and control.

John Bellamy



Jake Davison, the gunman in the UK’s worst mass shooting in a decade, has been linked to the ‘Incel’ movement – but what what do incels really believe?
In trying to understand what prompted a man in Plymouth, England to commit the worst mass shooting in the UK for over a decade, attention has turned to his apparent links with the incel community – an online subculture of people who describe themselves as “involuntary celibates”.

Jake Davison allegedly shot his mother before a shooting spree which ended when he turned the gun on himself. His youngest victim was three years old. In the lead-up to the attacks, he compared himself to incels in YouTube videos and contributed to their forums.

He uploaded videos in which he fixated on his virginity and, in a direct reference to incel ideology, Davison’s described himself as “blackpilled”. This means that he believed himself too old, at 22, to find love.

What is an incel?

Incels refuse to accept responsibility for their circumstances, instead believing their inability to attract women makes them victims of oppression.
Like all groups under the umbrella of online misogyny known as the “manosphere”, they subscribe to the “red pill” conspiracy theory. They believe men are the true victims of gendered oppression, that male power has been usurped, and that feminism is a front to disguise men’s subjugation.





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