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Iran's Weak Domestic Violence Laws Are a Death Sentence for Women

An Iranian man who literally beheaded his wife and paraded her severed head around in public will receive only eight years in prison. This horrific and grotesque instance of violence being handled so nonchalantly by the courts is just another example of the country's failure to make laws that protect Iranian women! Sign now to demand the Iranian government and demand strengthened domestic violence laws! In fact, women across the country have been protesting the way misogyny is coded into Iranian law, and they've been met with extreme force by police. Many of these protestors have been arrested, tortured, and some even killed for standing up against compulsory hijab laws. In fact, a filmmaker got sentenced to 10 years in prison simply for taking her hijab off in public. Yet while women are being punished for basic human rights, men who actually kill people are given only eight years in prison. This kind of disparity is completely unacceptable. We cannot allow a single other young woman to be killed in this tragic way!

Thank you, Kelsey Care2 Petitions Team


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