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Is the UK Islamophobic ?

If it is -

Who is responsible ?

When it comes to religion - many faiths will fight to the death defending their religious beliefs even though NOTHING is provable and NOTHING is 100% correct. Not one word on the Bible, Koran or Talmud can be proven to be anything more than stories written by man ( and before the lesbians and trans communities scream at me, this is historic and not my doing...) - and while many claim the writings came through channelling, so the voice of God / Allah came into their head and they copied what was said down onto paper, again, nothing can be proven.

Then of course the Bible was MASSIVELY edited, mistranslated several / many times and completely bastardised as to its original stories and completely changed to suit the women fearing

men of the era - usually the Priests who saw powerful women competing with men and that was just NOT going to happen and women were, in ALL religions, downgraded to second or even third class citizens - serving men.

The first ever Muslim was Muhammad's wife - Khadija bint Khuwaylid - yet the religion treats women appallingly - or at least - the way MEN - the Mullahs - follow the teachings and 'claim to know what it meant' and so treat women accordingly - just like the Bible downgraded Lilleth - Adam's FIRST WIFE - who was equal to Adam and she was turned into the snake and a whole new women - EVE - - who was then seen as NOT equal to Adam as Lilleth was - and the downgrading of women has continued ever since. By scared church men scared shitless of the true power of the female over the male.

In some countries women are even ' circumcised' - Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM ) is common practice where the female genitals are cut, disfigured and changed - and the G Spot - their Clitoris, is cut off so the women cannot enjoy sex at all as she is unable to climax. This is male domination in religion gone too far out of control of small minded scared little boys dominating the weaker sex, as they imagine women to be.

That alone should tell you that these writings are not the word of God, Allah or any other Supreme Being as the thought that a Supreme Being would discriminate between His / Her creations is absolutely absurd. That is the work of fear based men. Men playing with their willies and scared of women, as many straight men are - scared of women's power and their ability to withhold certain sexual aspects that men want again and again while women do not, and men resent women for that. BIG TIME.

But then, men are the little boys, the children, and infant running around building things, blowing things up, bullying others, playing with their willies and abusing women - having downgraded them in the eyes of the Supreme Being to less than men and women have bought the ticket, until recently and only in certain religious circles and countries.

Islam is a very male dominated religion and men rule supreme. Women have to completely cover up and while in some instances it is just a head scalf,- in other cases it is complete coverage and other than their eyes, it could be anyone 'in there ' and it is no wonder some countries are banning the burqa for National Security reasons - and VERY understandable - here in the UK we not only bend over and part our cheeks - we invite foreign cultures to walk all over us and we change our rules, our laws, our way of life for those who fled countries where their religion and lifestyle was too oppressive and now they come here to destroy our culture and WANT TO TURN US INTO WHAT THEY COULD NOT PRACTICE AT HOME AND SO FLED FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE - and we - like fucking idiots - just surrender to them and WHAT THE FUCK IS THE UK DOING ?????

We have stores changing the names of popular items to rid any Christian idea it may hold, like EASTER EGGS - now Cadbury's are calling them GESTURE EGGS - and Iceland have changed their Hot Cross Buns to TICK Buns... and ONLY after a massive backlash have they said that the original Hot Cross Buns are still available, so why the hell did they think to do this in the first place unless they are just WOKE - sniveling to a portion of the community that is teeny tiny but these stores want to be seen as woke while destroying the culture of the UK for foreign imports.

If you live in a country where the politics / religion / lifestyle does not suit you and you decide to move to the UK - YOU LIVE BY OUR RULES - you DO NOT come here and expect to change the way we live to the manner in which YOUR country did not serve you - yet you think we are going to change our culture and everything to suit you, AND WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE ?

The annoying thing is - SOME SCREAM AND SHOUT AS IF THEY EXPECT - DEMAND - ARE ENTITLED AND I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR THEM - NOT A SINGLE SOUL IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING AT ALL. NOTHING. NADA. NOT A SINGLE THING AT ALL UNLESS YOU EARN IT. And I do not care what colour, race, religion, sexuality, hair dye, wealth, education or even the size of your knob what you are - you are a HUMAN BEING - and not one single person alive is ENTITLED - period - YOU EARN IT - NOTHING IS JUST GIVEN.

Some demand better food and mobile phones and we - bloody idiots - pay multi millions to keep these people in luxury accommodation while we Brits suffer a housing shortage, massive decline in income and where we, the people of the UK, suffer while immigrants are treated as ' special' and all because the authorities are afraid of being called RACIST.....


When a local old lady cannot afford to heat her flat and ended up in hospital when social services were called because no one had seen her in a while and she was suffering from Hypothermia - and we have young able - mostly men - refugees - being housed in 5 star hotels being paid for by us - and they are COMPLAINING - this does not rest well with the mass of people who fought for this country in two world wars and now here we are - seemingly - GIVING IT AWAY TO ANY FOREIGNER WHO DEMANDS. COME AND


Greater Manchester Police and local authorities were under fire after blatant negligence towards victims of a pedophile ring in the English city of Rochdale and have for years ignored reports and testimonies from vulnerable minors who were victims of rape and sexual exploitation. And why ? The ring was mostly made up of Pakistani men and the police were afraid FOR YEARS to do anything in case they were labeled racist.

It has been more than four years since three paedophiles of the infamous ‘Rochdale grooming gang’ were told they would face deportation as a result of their abhorrent crimes, targeting vulnerable underaged girls – but they still walk the streets of the town.

In August 2018, Abdul Aziz, Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf – all of Rochdale – lost an appeal to avoid being deported, and it was announced they would be stripped of their British citizenship. 

All three had previously been convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child and trafficking a child within the UK and respectively sentenced to nine, eight and six years in prison. This was in 2012.



If we go to any Arab state, and any Muslim country - we live and work under repressive regimes ( as LGBT ) and abide by the law or we get jailed and believe me, they are VERY serious in these countries about you NOT abusing their culture - their religion - no portraying your LGBT in public, and even how you dress, what you drink and read - all are monitored and yet they come to the UK and DEMAND we change our culture to suit them.

It is mind bogglingly stupid and we, as a nation, seem willing to just give it all away, change our culture and bow down before others and just stick a finger up our nose and do nothing .... in case we are called racist.


So are Muslims taking over our culture.

With shops willingly doing it for them - and with even London putting up Ramadan lights - at a time when we are suppose to be broke and have no money to help the homeless and those needing social care - and where the NHS is going broke because we give it away to just about anyone who SHOULD be paying - I have to ask - WTF IS GOING ON ?

And then we are told we are not allowed Christmas Lights to mention Christmas and the absurdity - the double standards - is breathtakingly BONKERS.

I do NOT believe we are inherently racist in the UK but I fear we are being driven towards that cliff by the likes of what has been discussed above and so very much more. When we are told Easter Eggs cannot be called Easter any more - even if not a Christian, why should we change our lifestyle to suit foreigners in OUR country. We are not the ones who are racist , THEY ARE - by demanding we change to suit them rather than they accept this is the UK and not a Muslim country and you are welcome to come and live here and worship IN YOUR MOSQUES AND NOT IN THE DAMNED STREET - just as you are welcome to leave and go home again if you don't like it, but DO NOT TRY AND CHANGE IT TO BE SOMETHING IT IS NOT and DO NOT BULLY THE LOCALS or you WILL start to see the ire of the people who pay for your hotel room, your mobile phone and everything else we have openly given you as human beings helping others. So stop taking the piss, stop complaining, stop harassing the locals and the children and stop taking advantage and if you don't - FUCK OFF TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

Talking to a local women who is from Spain and has lived and worked in Bournemouth for almost 20 years, and she told me she is returning to Spain as the UK is so unsafe, so different to what it was and where she feels as a single women, unsafe on the streets any more, that sends a loud message as we can all agree, the UK IS changing - and politically - religiously and economically - it is in a mess and it seems to be getting worse and not better.

The moral nature of the country is changing.

People don't care for each other any more. Everyone seems out for themselves and the heart seems to have been ripped out of the UK and we are left with a shallow plastic vacuous image of what the UK use to be and we do nothing to change it as we feel powerless to make change as no one is listening to ' the people.'

When we see such things as demands for Shariah Law to be entered into the UK, that is when many Brits say they have had enough. Kick them out. Don't let any more in and throw out any that commit crimes and help keep this country safe for the people who fought for it. Stop the praying in the streets and remember whose country this is as the arrogance, the sheer arrogance offered is astounding considering they have nothing and rely on our generosity to help them rebuild their lives and what thanks do we get.

John Bellamy ---------------------------

Read some of your comments below.

Dear God John you have big balls. Read your piece on Islamophobia and spot on. I live in Dorset just a few miles from the floating accommodation block that has been docked off the Dorset coast , and has been empty recently due to health and safety worries. We are very pleased it was closed as we locals were dreading it and not one councilor, not one MP or ANYONE asked us what WE thought of our small town being inundated with hundreds of illegal immigrants held in this giant floating open prison - as that's basically what it is , and the low lives being introduced into our town will cause and create havoc - absolute havoc, but no one listens, not a soul. I am not a hater of foreigners, but when they make such demands and locals are outed from their homes so refugees can move in, it breeds discontent and hatred and that - John, is down to the government of the UK.


John: Why are Ramadan Lights up in London ? Are we to start doing this for all religious structures that the UK - generally - does not follow but because of a loud but small minority, we buckle under and spend the money to keep a small group happy. FFS.


John: My family escaped Mozambique decades ago when our farm workers were butchered while we were out and we returned to find their heads on the entrance fence posts and we escaped with absolutely nothing. We are Portuguese. Father owned a small flat in Portugal for a holiday Home and all 6 of us ended up there with nothing - and I mean - nothing but what we stood up in. It was very hard and Father never got over loosing everything as he was a very wealthy farm / land owner and he lost the lot. Mother never recovered from the sight of the workers heads on the poles and it haunted her for the rest of her life. After some years we left Portugal and came to the UK and have stayed ever since and the country was very good to us at that time, with housing, unemployment until we could find work and for the 3 youngest, finish their education. The UK was wonderful and we have all worked and done well - my brother is a doctor in the NHS and one sister a nurse while the other an accountant while I work for a charity looking after disabled and blind children and we have all given back to the country that adopted us as we adopted it and we adapted to the English way of life and accepted it for what it was. Our new home. Our salvation. Marcelo

John. I am racist. Absolutely. Ever since my daughter was gang raped by a load of Paki bastards when she was just 14 years of age - I have hated them with a vengeance. I would have throttled the living breath out of the men who raped her if I could have, and with no worry of what comes next at all as I just didn't care, Those bastards raped my 14 year old little angel. Get every last one out of my country. Don't trust a single one of them. All a load of raping bastards. We lived outside Manchester and moved to a small town in Cornwall in the belief that it would be whiter and less ethnic and we have felt safer here. It's been many years and my daughter is fine - she is married now and with a child of her own but I - am still an angry man and I hate those Pakistani bastards. With good reason. Mark.

John: You certainly read it as it is. Your piece on Islam, sounded as if you were speaking my thoughts. I agree wholeheartedly. I love the UK but it is changing and not for the better and successive governments have done little to help. Keep it up John. Admiration. Roger the Dodger from Brighton.


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