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It will melt your heart

This is so sweet. The first video I have watched over and over as it is so sweet.

Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania.
We rescue abandoned, neglected, injured and abused animals from the streets and from over-crowded shelters, we offer them the medical care they need and find them loving forever homes.

To help reduce dog overpopulation which is a huge problem in our country and to prevent abandonment, we provide free neuter/spay programs and we also support and help low-income families pay for veterinary care and lifesaving medical treatment for their dogs.

At the same time, our efforts aim to build a more compassionate and responsible society. We want to raise awareness and show the world how amazing all animals are and how their unconditional love, loyalty and friendship can bring joy and happiness and improve the lives of their human companions.

Through the stories of our rescued animals we are trying to inspire and help humans learn to respect and protect the lives of other species we share this planet with, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities.

Many of the dogs we rescue are seniors or dogs with special needs that would otherwise have very few chances of surviving by themselves on the streets and would be usually scheduled for almost immediate euthanasia in over-crowded shelters from Romania. Being unfairly considered “less-adoptable” because they are old, blind, abused, traumatized or injured, these dogs wait for a home much longer than the average adoptable pet does, sometimes even years. For some of them, we may even be the only family they will ever have.

While waiting for their forever families, our rescued animals are provided with everything they need, from veterinary care and adequate nutrition to basic training and lots of affection. They even have their own parties, on Christmas and other special occasions!

All the animals we rescue are being fostered by us, at our house. They are accommodated in a very nice, clean and cozy facility that we built specially for them and they have a play yard and a large fenced-in area, with grass and trees where they can run and play safely. And of course, they also have full access to our house. They live with us as part of our family and are considered and treated as family members, being given all the love and attention they need to be happy.

Our commitment is to find the most suitable adoptive homes for the animals we save, where they will live happily, being loved and cherished. We also facilitate international adoptions and many of our rescue dogs found forever homes in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Howl Of A Dog does not receive any government funding, our life saving work relies entirely on the support and generosity of compassionate animals lovers like you.
Thank you for helping us give neglected animals the chance to live a better and happier life!
Diana Badescu, Co-Founder Catalin Stancu, Co-Founder

Howl Of A Dog Organization Registration Number 33570458, Romania E-mail: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:

We rely solely on donations to continue our mission to rescue, care and re-home dogs, to reduce dog overpopulation by supporting free neuter/spay programs and to build a more compassionate and responsible society.

Your donation, whatever sum you choose to give, will help us save more animals from suffering and offer them the love and care they need. Your contribution will also help us cover veterinary costs and medical treatments and provide dogs adequate nutrition.

No sum is too small and can really make a difference for an animal in need.


Not ready for the commitment of adoption? Or maybe you already have a dog but still want to help another one? Sponsorship could be for you! You can make a difference in a dog’s life by sponsoring him for any period of time you want or until he finds a permanent home.

You can either sponsor his monthly food or yearly medical care.

FOOD SPONSOR. For a monthly donation of 20 Euros you will become a food sponsor for the particular dog you choose and cover thus the adequate nutrition for him/her for a month.

HEALTH SPONSOR. For a yearly donation of 70 Euros you will become a health sponsor for the particular dog you choose and cover the basic medical care the dog needs throughout the year: regular vaccinations, flea prevention and de-worming.

*Please don’t forget to specify also the name of the dog you are donating for (for example “Food Sponsor for Louie”).


You can donate items your dog no longer needs or got bored with: old toys, collars, harnesses, leashes, clothes, food bowls, old dog beds/baskets, crates or other practical goods.

Instead of just throwing these objects away, please consider donating them and you will make some dogs happy.

To get the items to our rescued dogs, please contact us on

SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD Sharing our videos/photos on social media pages is an easy way to help advertise dogs that are in need of a home. Simply sharing the profiles of our adoptable animals to your followers takes hardly any time or effort yet could play a huge part in creating the perfect match for an animal in need of a forever family.

If In diod not have a big dog already In woukld be looking to adopt from this organisation as they do such good work and all for donations. The cost of a vet is not cheap andthey deserve all the funds they get for the help they offer. When you look at the pittiful look on some of the dogs faces and then follow the story and see how they pick up and wag their tail and run and play afer being near death, is reward in itself and reduces me to tears. --------------------------------


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