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St. George's Day & Proud to be British.

What are the British people most proud of:

The Queen - Charles the King is going to have to grow on me.




BBC TV - the first in the world.

We invented:- The computer - Radar - Jet engines - The telephone - Combustion engine - The World Wide Web - The lawnmower (Edwin Beard Budding, 1827), Chocolate bar (JS Fry & Sons, 1847), Linoleum (Frederick Walton, 1860) and Thermos flask (Sir James Dewar, 1892). The Reflecting Telescope by Isaac Newton in 1668. .... The First Mass-produced toothbrush – 1770-1780. ... The Seed Drill, Motor of the Agricultural Revolution – 1701. ... The Steam Engine – 1698-1801. ... The Tin Can: Ready to Become a Household Classic – 1810. The invention of the incandescent light bulb, by Joseph Swan (1826–1914). The unification of electromagnetism, by James Clerk Maxwell (1831–79). The first practical telephone, patented by Alexander Graham Bell (1847–1922). The discovery of penicillin, by biologist and pharmacologist, Sir Alexander Fleming (1881–1955).

Just because you support the UK does not mean you are xenophobic -

Just because you are sick of all the spongers and illegal aliens taking our homes from our war vets who are homeless -

Just because homeless people who have recently been housed by the council and are now being made homeless again so refugees can have their flats instead -

Just because you think the Jewish State is guilty of war crimes and aggression towards its neighbours does not mean you are anti Semitic -

Just because you know no black friends does not make you racist -

Just because we Brits are made to feel second class citizens in our own country - largely by the police, government and local councils who offer us condescending, patronising and arrogant attitudes as if WE were the guilty ones and not the victims -

And just because you speak up and say ' I AM NOT TAKING THIS ANY MORE ' - does not mean we should be jailed when we are the innocent - we are loosing our culture, our religion, our way of life - and the authorities are HANDING IT OVER FREELY AND WILLINGLY - EVEN THOUGH THE PEOPLE ARE SCREAMING TO STOP THE BOATS - STOP THE TAKE OVER - STOP THE ONSLAUGHT AND STOP THE FUCKING LIES AND BULLSHIT CRAP that comes out of politicians mouths and how they want as many illegals as they can so they will vote them into power and keep them in power - regardless of the colossal damage to society and the country.

I am all for integration and befriending those in need but when most refugees are economic migrants and NOT war refugees, then these people are NOT GOOD FOR THE UK - and should either be returned home or put to work and let them earn their money legally and find some respect - and we get farm workers, street cleaners, lorry drivers and so much more - which because of Brexit and incompetent UK companies NOT PLANNING AHEAD - we are desperately short of staff while the Brits don't want to work...

and when we coop these refugees up in 4 and 5 star hotels with nothing to do but walk the streets and be bored to tears, what do we expect from them ?

I do not blame the refugee, I blame how incompetent we are at dealing with it and the government seems not to have the faintest fucking clue and one wonders - why are they in their jobs when clearly and blatantly, they are useless. Just like most of our councils that have mismanaged their accounts and many are now going bankrupt - so no garbage collection - no street cleaning - no care for the elderly and infirm - and all because they mismanaged the money.

England is a very welcoming country and I truly feel for those genuine refugees, but financial migrants, FUCK OFF SOME PLACE ELSE and stop abusing our kindness and everything you seem to feel entitled to - and for why - we owe you nothing. And when we do offer help, we get raped, knifed, spiritually taken over and you want to change our way of life to suit yourself and change everything about us - and that is why so many in the UK feel lost and have absolutely no idea who to vote for in the next election as no one seems to have any good ideas for helping us.


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