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Jimmy Carr and 'that joke' that so offended someone, somewhere.

by John Bellamy


Jimmy Carr - 'His Dark Materials' is available on Netflix and I found it hilariously funny from beginning to end.

I have to point out at the beginning here, for all those snowflakes who are complaining about one single joke - the name of the programme is 'JIMMY CARR - HIS DARK MATERIALS ' so WTF kind of humour did they think it was going to be - Christmas Cracker Jokes ?
Now - here is the joke that the audience laughed at while others - watching at home - clamour onto the bank wagon of 'I'm so offended.' “When people talk about the Holocaust they talk about the tragedy of six million lives being lost to the Nazi war machine, but they never mention the thousands of Gypsies killed by the Nazis, because no one wants to talk about the positives.”

I laughed and cringed at the same time as did most the audience ( but was actually pleased someone spoke about the gays and gypsy's etc in the camps as the Jews seem to have taken it all for themselves and ignore the gays, gypsy's, disabled, mentally challenged and anyone a little odd or physically handicapped who were also butchered - and many do not know this because all they hear is about how 6 million Jews died and not the hundreds of thousands of gays - for instance... and I applauded Jimmy Carr for bringing this to everyone's attention, and I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and encouraged my friends to watch it as well. In lockdown, we need all the funnies we can find to help us stay sane.

Too many - sadly - choose to clamour for attention by being offended at anything and this just irritates and takes away from genuine offense like Knife Crime, Trump trying to destroy democracy B-B-Bumbling B-B-Boris, Vaccine Shortages in Europe, Brexit and of course Russia about to create World War Three and where China has infected the planet with a virus - besides joining forces with Russia against the west - and these people are ranting about a fucking joke ????

Get fucking real people. Get real.

Many times throughout the show he warns you that his material might offend and may even be career ending - and that it is a JOKE - That is what he is known for,- pushing the boundaries -

and before you say some jokes are not funny - HE IS A COMEDIAN - NOT A PLUMBER - and every time he said one of his more risky jokes, which he warns the audience about beforehand - the audience laughed - and if you were offended, - then stop watching. Too many easily offended snowflakes - and one should never have to apologise for cracking a joke - however insensitive, as long as it was not meant deliberately to offend - as you can always switch off, change the channel, lower the volume, read a book or have a fucking wank, WHO CARES - NO ONE - UNLESS YOU COME OUT AS OFFENDED AND THEN YOU GET ALL THE ATTENTION YOU SO HUNGER FOR... while Jimmy Carr does not MAKE you watch and listen and has PLENTY OF WARNINGS THROUGHOUT THE SHOW that these are simply jokes and when we cannot joke about life, death and the universe, then we are all doomed. His show is in Netflix so not standard TV and we pay to watch this and with such a choice on Netflix, you have plenty more to choose from .

( We're all doomed Mr Mannering - doomed... ) - Get the joke there...? _

When Jimmy Carr teases with a man in the audience that his Mother is fat and how he shagged her, the audience member knows it's a joke and laughs along. He is not offended and values it for what it is - A JOKE as that's what he has paid to go and see - A COMEDIAN - A RISKY DARK MATERIALS COMEDIAN and not the likes of Ken Dodd and the fucking Diddy Men.

The irony is, he was actually taking the piss out of historians for excluding gypsies, ( and LGBT and many others )_ just like they're changing history to suit their leftist agenda and taking down statues of slavers and pedophiles - and future generations are going to be so closeted from the truth and from reality - and this absolutely helps no one by deleting the truth of our combined histories. He shared how the gays were slaughtered and many ignore this - and he made a very valid point before twisting it into a joke - and everyone learned some truths they probably didn't know before - and was why the punch line was so clever - a bit twisted maybe and a bit naughty but A JOKE - AND - HOW MANY OF YOU BITCH ABOUT THE GYPSY COMMUNITY - HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE NO TIME FOR THEM - HOW FEW ARE ACTUALLY TRUE GYPSY'S - TRUE GYPSY'S - AND NOT JUST BUMS IN CARAVANS, HAVE YOU EVER MET - PROBABLY NONE - but many will bitch and moan about them and they are NOT the ones camping in our parks and they are NOT the ones leaving trash everywhere as that belongs to the Travellers who are NOT gypsies, - and it is the Bums in Caravans who leave a mess and destroy and bully, yet you jump to the gypsy communities defense when a silly joke is said and yet do NOTHING - NOTHING any other time so - please - wrap up your petty condemnation and own it as it belongs to you and no one else and it is THAT that is sickening.

We gays have reclaimed insulting words and made them our own - FAGGOT ( anything bound together is called a faggot ) and any tranny who takes offense at tranny jokes will not survive unless she learns to toughen up and see the funny side - and stop - JUST STOP - always being the victim and always being so offended all the time, it's boring and learn to just ride a joke out and join in the humour, as if we gays took offense at everything thrown at us, Dear God we would never have acquired equal rights fighting within ourselves as to what words are acceptable and would have wasted decades just arguing about are we gay, queer, ponce, puffter , Him Her , It, They, Them .... oh and the confusion goes on and on and helps NO ONE.

Many do not realise that tens / hundreds of thousands from the LGBT community - gypsies - the mentally and physically disabled and many from other minority groups were also horrendously slaughtered in the Nazi Concentration Camps and NOT JUST THE JEWS, but history will show it to be the Jews who were affected and no one else. The Jewish community has hijacked and manipulated a horrifying event that was not just theirs but belonged to ' the world' as people from many cultural groups were murdered and respecting those lives lost - seems lost on many who claim all the attention for themselves.

Jimmy Carr is highlighting history being cancelled under our noses.

What part of that don't they get ?? He has done more to highlight this to the masses than anyone has done so for decades. The Jewish community will scream because they always do. They are always the victim while - actually - these days they are seen as being the bully in the region yet still scream about what happened nearly 80 years ago and not the horrors they inflict on the Palestinians every day.

It should never be forgotten - and honest and correct truth needs to be told and no one group has the right to claim all the victimhood of this for themselves just as not all Germans are guilty of mass murder and not all people believe in a Flat Earth or that Aids was a punishment sent from God. Honest and truthful education is required and if some people learned through Jimmy Carr that more than just the Jews were mass slaughtered - then something good has come out of this mess and I wish Jimmy Carr a long and healthy career and to keep pushing the envelope of decency as then it might make people stop and actually think for a change.

John Bellamy

Anyone interested - I was ( loosely ) raised Church of England and have 10% Jewish blood in my ancestry.

--------------------------------------------- Your comments on this are invited.



your responses

How quickly you have read and responded like this - and to such an emotive subject. Thanks guys, keep them coming.

Hats off to Jimmy Carr - Bill M.

Hi John,

I hope this finds you well.

I agree that the 'snowflake' generation are editing history to suit themselves, as not acknowledging the many people who died under the Nazis who were not Jewish. Prof Mary Beard points to the people who want statues removed. While slavery is an abomination we should not judge people with modern standards of ethics and morals. During the eighteenth century the 'moral code' was the bible. (We all know how good that is!) but the like of Edward Colston et al were following the code of the time. The bible says slavery is okay, therefore they were not doing anything wrong or immoral by their standards of the day. This was also a time where you could go and see a public hanging of a gay man, children starving in the street or a bit of animal cruelty - cock fighting or bear baiting.

Prof Mary Beard raises the point that we still have slavery, that the 'snowflakes' ignore it as it suits them. They use their mobile phones made in labour camps in China, wear clothes made by children in Asia and don't ask why the foreign girl that does their nails only charges a fraction of what others do. They don't seem to 'be offended' by these things, because they are often out of sight and / or distanced in far away places.

Jimmy Carr is a professional comedian, his show will not be produced if no one pays to see it, instead of getting 'offended' and making it all about themselves why don't they just switch off. Nothing will kill a TV show quicker than low viewing figures. TV producers need to make money from their shows via good audience numbers. We had Mary Whitehouse who tried to control what people could and could not see and hear on the TV and radio by forcing her bigoted views on people.

Instead of this cancel culture we should acknowledge the mistakes of the past, talk openly about them and learn from them, and improve life for everyone.



I watched Jimmy Carr and saw nothing to be offended at, he warns throughout and this madness is just that, madness. Joe.

Too many snowflakes John,. Too many screaming for attention. Barry.

Jimmy Carr is known for being near the knuckle. Loved the show. Too many easily offended people out there. Marcus.

Sickens me the way comedians have to edit their jokes for the easily offended. Loved this Dark Materials show. top class act. Have seen it 4 times now with different friends who come over just to watch it. Stuart.

Since the controversy I have been inundated with friends wanting to watch it on my Netflix and have now seen it 6 times with different people and they always laugh when ' THAT JOKE' comes on and not one has been offended while two were Jewish and one - his Grandparents, were real Romany gypsies and he laughed like a drain. Rowan. Read your piece on Jimmy Carr. Watched the Dark Materials as well. No idea what all the fuss is about as he does warn first and as you say, it is even called DARK MATERIALS. Just too many snowflakes John and I agree with your piece wholeheartedly. Sean.

More power to the comedian. It's what the world needs right now. War in Russia looming. Oliver.

Apologies John, but just too many fucking snowflakes out there. Awful people, absolutely appalling people. Jacob.


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