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Keep it up John. Keep it up.

I received this e mail this week and it was perfectly timed, as I was having a ' down day' after our recent death here - a day when it rained all day outdoors, and in my mind as well... and this really cheered me up.


I have to hand it to you John Bellamy - you are indeed a star - a major player, in gay mens lives in the UK.

I attended one of your very first events at Hamilton Hall, a whole week back in 2001 and have many great memories of that time. You were new to Hamilton Hall and it was a really great week.

I then attended several other workshops with you over the next few years - Massage - Tantra - Meditation and even a Breath one, and each time I was in awe and so pleased Hamilton Hall was in the UK.

I have been living abroad this last 10 years and kept in touch through your amazing weekly Blog / Newsletter and I have to hand it to you John, you are still mustering on, still coping with gay men and still the leading light in your field of expertise and I am thrilled to see you are still in business and still a Not For Profit venue after all these years. ( Nearly 23 to be accurate. )

There are very few people as dedicated to the gay scene and how to improve peoples lives and bring a smile, a pleasant happy memory and a moment in time where someone cares, someone shows appreciation and helps so many lost souls find their way, and that is you John.

Absolutely that is you.

I was in San Francisco recently on business for 3 months and there are people there who talk about you and Hamilton Hall and it quite blew me away. You are known John, well known, and I don't think you realise how globally Hamilton Hall is spoken about by gay men everywhere. Seems you have touched a nerve in some less worthy while touching many peoples hearts with your compassion and caring ways. I am moving back to the UK in 2023 and although moving to Oxford, it isn't far to Bournemouth and I hope to be seeing you again soon.

Keep it up John... Keep it up.

Robert M.


Wow thanks Robert. Good to hear after such a long time and I do remember you well. Ten years - is it that long ago.... how time flies. Naturally I was astounded to receive this e mail above and so flattered. The power of the internet takes us globally and the power of what we offer - compared to so many gay hotels - means a lot to many who simply want better from gay business than sadly is often found. John


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