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Lost & Found During Covid

We have ALL lost and found various things and aspects of our selves during this last 2 years of Covid and we will ALL - NEVER be the same as we were before.

Those assuming life will get back to as it was before - are foolishly naïve while the rest of us know full well, that things will NEVER get back to as they were before.

It may be wishful thinking for many - It may even be a desperate hope or even a desperate NEED for things to return - but globally too much has happened to alter things for years to come and BREXIT is just a part of it.

The Supply chain was destroyed when a monster ship blocked the Suez Canal and the backlog of container ships will take a long time to catch up.

Products in short supply, like silicone chips - because the staff are not digging the mines, to supply the processors to supply the chip making people to supply the car / watch / and all computers and techno things and tens of thousands of factories cannot make their products without the chips and so the supply chain slows to a crawl.

Many people are also stocking up on supplies - wisely so - but it puts a strain on the suppliers now you are buying treble the normal stock - and not just of toilet paper which was never in short supply anyway - but everyday supplies and shelves are empty which is a first for many - and as many more take time off with a cold ( er - not a cold - Covid - which now is no different to a common cold - or so we are told ) and many could be working but choose not to as they still get paid and this disrupts the entire chain of supply and demand as there are too few staff to cope. So we go without.

BUT - We have gained a huge amount as well.

Personally - what have you lost and gained during this 2 years of Covid. Here are a few things - see if you can add to this list and send your answers to be added to


Basic freedom



Work mates. Plane spotting

Culture Going to the Pub / Theatre / Cinema Meeting friends and family Holidays abroad Live concerts Conversations with strangers Birthday parties

Weddings / Funerals

The pub Eating out. Clubbing

Chem sex Christmas & New Year Shopping actually in shops River / Beach / Wood walks Sunday drives Peace and Quiet at home The pleasure of having children


My virginity healed up.

Escape to the Chateau TV Programme

I can be lazy

Admiration for teachers

A great new staff member. Home tuition with my kids taught me tons. Netflix Classical music

Cooking Walking with the dog or children

Hobbies YouTube

Doing a Blog for others

Baking bread

Reading books

DIY in the home

A new back garden.

You wished you'd never had kids.

Fuzzy brain when not in use

Revitive - bought from a telly advert The pleasure of having children

On line shopping

Long long holiday

Late nights

Lazy mornings in bed

Binge watching on Netflix until late

Thinking for others and not just self

Offering help to others in need.

So there you are - just a few things to be getting on with., Send in your extra likes and dislikes and share a laugh.


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