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my X wife is a cunt

Thought you might like to hear my story John.

I was married at 18 because I got a girl pregnant. same age as me.

We were married in April and she gave birth in May.


Double the trouble.

Beautiful baby boys. Identical.

After 5 years where she was controlling, manipulative and was back stabbing me at any chance she got, I had had enough and left.

She had told me many times how much I had ruined her life - and as I replied - her opening her legs is what ruined her life and that was all her doing. She was no virgin and had quite a reputation before we even got together.

The Bike is what she was called around here.

I divorced her - because she was unfaithful - and because I had paid the mortgage and provided us with a nice home, she got to stay in it with the twins while I was reduced to a bed sit again.

I always provided money for the boys and after a year some friend talked her into demanding more money which I could not afford and I refused, just keeping it at what we had agreed, so she took me to court demanding treble what I was already paying.

I worked on a building site and earned good money but when certain jobs were completed I was unemployed until the next big job came along and the company I worked for paid retainers while we were between jobs as they valued their workforce and didn't want it to fragment during quieter times.

The court agreed with her and assumed her Crockodile tears were real when they were as fake as Santa. I was deemed a bad father and had to pay almost 3 times more than I had been, and there was no way in hell I could afford this. It was actually almost 75% of what I earned so what I was suppose to use for rent, food etc. never came into it and the courts didn't give a fuck.

Monies were to be taken from my wage packet each week and I would not even see the money.

So I quite my job, went on the unemployment for a year and this levelled the playing field as she could not get a penny from me while I was not working and as the company were downsizing, this was a good excuse why I was - very slowly - looking for a new job.

I deliberately allowed myself to ' rely on others' - and for the next two years it was Covid lockdowns and she got nothing but what the government paid her as I was unemployed.

I was working cash in hand and surviving okay doing temp work at home on the computer - and it was good.

After lockdown I started my own small building company and as I am self employed, again, she cannot attack me for income from my weekly wage as I do not have one, and she is now struggling financially just as I was.

I pay what I always agreed to pay but not the exorbitant amount she expected and I always make sure the boys want for nothing, while she drinks, smokes, parties and carries on with a lifestyle that is not conducive of creating a strong happy life for her children.

So I took her to court and won custody of the boys and - this bit I absolutely love, she is expected to pay ME support monies for the boys and if she does not pay, she will be prosecuted.

I have since met so many gay dads who came out later and had to fight to see their kids, fight to afford the payment demanded and fight with the women they once loved who turned into a bitch cunt from hell when they didn't get all that they wanted from the man.

One women said ' I just want to get out of this relationship and take my baby home with me to Scotland.'

Friend answered - ' It is NOT your baby and you cannot just take it to Scotland when she has a Father and you would be seen as kidnapping the child as it is not yours, there are two parents in this relationship so why do you assume you are the only one - the only parent, and that you can do whatever you like with her and the Father doesn't get a say in the matter ??? SHE IS NOT YOUR CHILD ALONE. '

I am out and gay and have my two boys with me and my new lover loves and cares deeply as they do for him and as for my now X wife, she is alone and it seems desperately trying to entrap a man to keep her and so she won't have to work as she does now and pays 1/3 her weekly wage to the boys and she just hates it. Expected me to pay her yet she was unable to raise the boys in a healthy environment so lost everything. I have no sympathy at all and as far as I am concerned, my life is now my boys, my boyfriend and my company renovates old properties and is doing really well - no thanks to that money grabbing bitch of an X wife who just wanted money and more money and to hell with me and the boys.

Who got the last laugh ???



John Bellamy Comments:

Thanks for this JC. I have bene involved with many out gay men who had children and were fighting through the courts with their wives and almost every one I knew, the court gave the child(ren) to the father and the Mothers were made to pay alimony. One Mother had spent a lot of money on things like a new BMW assuming the court would answer in their favour and didn't, and had to sell the new car and much more besides as their arrogance of assumption can and may bight you in the ass if you jump ahead of yourself and assume what is not going to be, is to be...

Many gay men have been married wo a women. Many gay men have children.

Some have superb relationships while some do not.

Some women / Mothers are truly superb examples of wives and mothers while - sadly many - just want a baby to escape their Mothers and get their own council house / flat because they can as they now have a baby... and that kind of manipulation is so controlling, so manipulative and so wrong.

However. Many gay men coming out of a straight relationship are just as bad, just as manipulative and I have known fathers abandon their family when they discover their gay side and act like real cunts to their family, so guys, it goes two ways. It's all about the children, is what we are told. Be nice and the rewards will be their own reward.


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