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Naked Summer X Rated

As usual, our Naked Summer got off to a damp start with the beginning of July being overcast, cool and not really a period when one would want to go naked, even though encouraged.

Having lived in Mexico, Hawaii, Greece and in hot climates where summer is guaranteed, in the UK the mixture of all the 4 seasons in one day can come as a surprise to many who expect a summer of long hot days, but this is England and we know better - don't we ?

Bournemouth has stunning beaches and one of the finest naturist beaches in the country, and popular with gay men, so come and enjoy. No stoney beach . No motorway running along side the beach. No London vibe spoiling everything and with great deal more style and class, gardens, open space and a clean new forward moving seaside university town,

Bournemouth is now the number One Seaside Resort on the south coast.

The hopeful Brits are always fingers crossed that the appallingly incorrect MET Office stays true to their BAD PREDICTIONS - like last week we were told it was going to rain all week and here in Bournemouth we had gloriously hot and sunny days, real beach weather, yet tourists stayed away because the appallingly bad predictions from the MET Office - as usual - are not only wrong, but GROSSLY wrong, and people stay away and stay home while we bask in sunshine and not rain.

July and August are NAKED MONTHS at Hamilton Hall and you will see naked men around and we ask our guests - if and when the weather allows, to be naked here and comfortable with their nudity.

So if you know a SUN DANCE - some ritual to encourage the sunshine ( maybe put your mac on and take a brolly with you and then maybe it will shine, as every morning I put shorts and a T Shirt on, I end up changing as its cold ) and let's all hope for some sunshine, maybe some of that from Canada where the temp has risen to over 40 - and that is around 110'f - and for us Brits that would be unbearable as it is for many Canadians, but if we had say - 10' of that, they would be cooler and we would be warmer...

Trouble is ... it doesn't work that way.

Make the most of whatever the weather throws at us this summer as winter will be here soon enough and we will be in a different kind of lockdown for 4 or 5 months because of the weather - so make the best with what we have and remember, Hamilton Hall is here for at any time.




There is something very exciting about being naked outdoors in the heat of summer.

The juices start to rise as the temperature does the same.

IOt is only natural to feel horny in the summer, no excuse needed - no reasons wanted - and those who deny or run from - are sexually fucked up - as many people are, and throw abuse on those of us who enjoy the physical pleasures of the flesh... ooo yummy.

Never feel guilty about enjoying your own naked body, just keep it legal and decent.


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