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Naked summer - X Rated

After just a few days of hot weather, the UK media are already full on panic attack about what you should do to keep cool - as if we are all blithering idiots. Do they really think we are all that dumb ? Clearly they do. Go to Tesco and buy a paper and sit in their cafe with a coffee for several hours keeping cool in their air conditioning.

Don't forget the sun factor, we have already had a few guests look like a lobster and are sore all over from lack of sun screen and - guys - be grown up and take responsibility. The sun is hot and you don't want to ruin your few days in the sunshine.

Of course, you could always come to Hamilton Hall, if we have vacancies, and enjoy being naked in the garden and hope our sexy hot bearded gardener might be here on that day... he's new... and not the tattooed bearded hung electrician from next door who is in and out,- Chris - as this guy is new... and hot hot hot... and is the gardener...