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News from the Peter Tatchell Foundation

On Wednesday, we protested at the Church of England Synod, as it doubled down on its homophobic discrimination. It reaffirmed its opposition to same-sex marriage. The 'compromise' is allowing LGBT+ blessings, similar to the ones given to pets. READ MORE

Stop Anglican discrimination! Marriage equality now


The irony and hypocrisy is thick here... Pope Francis says laws in Africa criminalising LGBT+ people are a 'sin' and an 'injustice'.We agree. But he should look closer at homophobia in his own church! READ MORE

It's another week of outrageous religious homophobia.


Nazi SS Dr Carl Vaernet experimented on gay concentration camp prisoners. Peter Tatchell exposes his escape from justice, with Allied collusion. A war criminal but he got away with it because he was seeking a 'cure' for homosexuality!


Philip North was approved as Bishop of Blackburn by King Charles who heads the sexist, homophobic Church of England. What has Charles ever done to support women's inclusion? Has he ever publicly said the words LGBT or acknowledged queer existence? Shame! Time to separate church & state!


But the UK PM says nurses, teachers, posties & rail workers should accept below inflation wage rises! 1,000 richest Britons have a total wealth of £850 billion. They can afford to pay an annual 1% tax on their vast assets. This would raise £8.5 billion every year! That's enough to give public sector workers a decent pay rise & end the strikes!


It’s a trope that men with a penchant for fast cars are overcompensating for being a little less well-endowed. Science has just proved it! We shouldn't get hung up on size! Big or small, we love them all. For what it's worth, I ride a bike!


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