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NOT Too Sexy for Covid... Right Said Fred singer and anti-vaxxer Richard Fairbrass tests positive.

Richard Fairbrass fell ill last Saturday and was taken by ambulance to hospital . Right Said Fred frontman needed oxygen because he was struggling to breathe. He is now recovering at home after spending four nights under eye of doctors. 67-year-old's Covid battle comes six months after he branded vaccine a 'scam.'

Right Said Fred frontman and anti-vaxxer Richard Fairbrass has contracted Covid-19 - but still has no intention of having the jab.

The I'm Too Sexy singer, 67, fell ill last Saturday and was taken by ambulance to Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire, needing oxygen because he was struggling to breathe.

After spending four nights under the watchful eye of doctors, he is now recovering at home. His Covid battle comes six months after he branded the vaccine a 'scam'.

John Bellamy Responds:

So I woinder if he thinks the vaccine is all a scam now he has been treated and released from hospital. I wonder if this moron realises it is medication that saved him, medication he seems to have been against. Am I interested in what this man has to say about Covid.


Forgive me for probably being rude, but isn't this a ' one hit wonder' from decades ago ? He is not a doctor or scientist. He is not a legal expert of a brain surgeon, and as far as I am concerned he is a not to bright singer from the 80's who I have not even heard of in decades, so why are we being told about what he thinks ? Makes no sense. He makes no sense. As why are we even being given this infrmnation and why am I sharing it here with yiou. ha ha ... Who is going to listen to this man going on about vaccines etc. when he is nothing to me, and in this instance should keep his big mouth shut as what he says is dangerous.

he is hardly role model and by screaming against the vaccine and then becoming ill, is guaranteed to send a message to his ' elderly ' fans, to get the vaccine, which in all probability, they already have,

He is no one to talk like this in public as it just makes him look and sound even more uneducated than I already thought he was, tis ' one hit wonder.'

Maybe someone needs to tell him to ' SHUT THE FUCK UP.'


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