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One step back in our lifestyle is a must to survive.

Christmas is coming, and for poor old Britain it cannot come soon enough.

An entire ‘advent calendar’ of strikes is set to dominate the three weeks between now and year-end. Trains have become an expensive ordeal - if they turn up at all. A reversion to coal is envisaged as a retro-solution to the energy crisis. A sudden cold snap promises a white Christmas, but it won’t be merry and bright if you have to spend £15 a day heating your home. To cap it all, football is not coming home and the economy’s heading for a recession likely to be worse than in any other G7 country. How did we get to such a wretched point that even high-flying civil servants are balloting for strike action and the Christmas No.1 will likely be a charity single aimed at relieving hunger? And more to the point, what can we do about it?

The first thing we can do about it is to wake the fuck up.

When are people going to realize that we are ALL going to be taking a few steps backwards in our lifestyle and we had better get use to it as it is NOT going to improve for a long time.


A very good nurse is promoted to Matron. Now she was a brilliant nurse but a crap leader - so a crap matron - but they keep her in the job and she stays in the job because she gets better money and more respect BUT SHE IS CRAP AT HER JOB and those under her - carry her all the time and while she gets the praise for work well done, she was NOT responsible, those mustering under her carried her and got the jobs done.

Now if she took a step backwards - back to being a very good nurse, she is happy, patients are happy, she may not be making as much money but she is in a job she enjoys - is not stressed out over and can continue feeling proud of what she does instead of hiding from the reality that - she is a crap matron.

Same goes for all of us. Thought you were going to sell that flat and buy a big expensive house - STAY WHERE YOU ARE and where you can afford. Don't put yourself under huge financial strain and stress yourself out - making yourself unhappy and anyone that lives with you - so ruining what was a beautiful home and for what - a bigger house - a bigger car - a better holiday than anyone else - when who the fuck cares - stop maxing yourself out on credit cards and live within your means.

Times are changing and we have all got to get a grip on the reality that things will not be the same - probably ever again.

America will take decades to recover from the damage caused by Trump and his white supremist, LGBT hating, Women's rights hating, Black people hating, women abusing sexual predator - as well as using religion as a tool, but a tool clearly Trump is just using to get what he wants and like anything else, will be disposable once he gains what he wants and destroys the USA from within - as he has already spoken about ignoring the Constitution and setting himself up as President for life and even if he gets in for just another 4 years - will spell a complete destruction of anything decent, honest and true and will change the face of politics and governments globally.

Fuel and gas prices - because of Russia and it's war with the Ukraine - which is really a war against the USA for surrounding Russia with nuclear arms, just as the USA almost went to war with Russia over Cuba, and THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING BUT IN REVERSE and this time it is America who is putting nuclear arms on Russia's door step and it is the USA who has caused Russia to react against the imperialism that IS threatening Russia. We of the west have done this and caused this war and it has backfired on Russia big time, with China making them wait until AFTER their Olympics to invade and so cause Russian troops to get bogged down in mud instead of the frozen ground it would have been had they not waited for the OK from China...

Russia - strangely enough - is not the bad guy here - America is.

Russia IS being surrounded on all fronts by a nuclear arsenal that threatens them, just as Cuba was to the USA decades ago. No real difference. It's about safety for the country, the people and the planet from the bullies and America, IS the bully.

The war currently going on between Russia and the Ukraine is precisely about NATO getting too close to Russia's borders and threatening their sovereignty and safety from the bullies in America.

Financially the whole world is in melt down and no one has any spare cash to waste - no government is made of money and with train drivers demanding a ridiculously large wage increase while nurses were offered just 1% - the train drivers can go fuck themselves - demanding such a huge increase and it is THE NURSES who deserve a large pay rise, NOT TRAIN DRIVERS.


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