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Preaching Jesus at me all the time

I told my brother that if he’s going to spread the word of God to leave me out of it or leave me alone altogether?” My brother and I have always had a strained relationship due to total difference in personality, views, and morals. We just started talking again on New years Eve after having no communication for 7 months. I am gay and he has never approved, not that I take any notice of how he feels about my sexuality, it is none of his business and I do not talk to him about it. He has two children by different mothers who he does not support, and I could have a field day with that but choose to ignore as it is - his life - not mine.

A couple of months ago I received this - out of the blue from him.

“Bro. Please accept Jesus into your heart soon. He loves you and so do I. I know you dont believe but I really hope you reconsider. I love you.”

I replied:

“ I love you too but please just don’t send me texts like that again. I don’t like being preached at and I will never reconsider. You love me as long as I reconsider Jesus in my life. I am here to tell you I will not and do not. That is final. Now Bro. Do you still love me the same ? Thanks though.”

Naturally I have learned over the years that there is no getting away from those preaching Christians and although I was not expecting an answer, one came straight away -

“ Im not preaching at you. That’s how you see it. Jesus loves you and if you don’t want to accept him I can’t force you. Just pray for you and I am going to spread the word of god.”

I responded :- “Stop. Seriously. Don’t talk to me about it. I don’t text you and ask / expect you to stop believing. I don't tell you who I am shagging or about my stuff - yet you disrepect me - while I respect your beliefe are for you yet you seem to think you have a Divine Right to preach to me about this and I AM NOT INTERESTED - WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET THE MESSAGE - So stop. If you’re going to spread the word of God and involve me I’m not going to talk to you. It makes me uncomfortable. So kindly, don’t.”

I actually thought that said it all - but - he once again replied -

“You dont have to get so angry. I never prached to you. I said one thing. You can stop talking to me that’s your choice. But im not gonna silence myself to certain people. Sorry. Its probably for the best anyway.”


my answer was more in depth :-

“Okay bye. It is your choice to allow your beliefs to come beween us and not mine. But you have made that choice, so bye bro. It is also your choice to preach at people who clearly don’t want to hear it. The way so many preach about Christianity makes me angry. The things you said made me angry. You don’t get to dictate how your words make me feel. You also do not get to dictate how you believe words that clearly damn and destroy yet you choose to follow. Any form of bigorty is appalling to me , be it gay, lesbian, black, jewish, asian - you name it - and your words, your actions and your Bible is too full of bigotry used against those who do not believe and that, dear Bro, is manipulative clap trap to make you feel bigger and more important and that, I am appalled at.

"That you can try and put me down because I am gay but that if I found Jesus then all would be forgiven ??? "

"As if there is anything to be forgiven - maybe you feel that need but God and your Jesus do not, not at all, for anyone and anything that was truly of God and his representative on Earth - Jesus - would never discriminate and be bigoted towards any of God's creations. If God did, then God would be a bigot - a hypocrit, and if God exists, then He / She does not hold your belief structure at all, as that is too damning and too small minded. God is bigger than you Bro. and God would be appalled at how you limit others in God's name. So enjoy spreading the word of God - as limiting as you see it. That’s YOUR choice. I DO NOT expect you to mention it to me again - unless you want me to talk to you about how the Bible is massively mistranslated and edited to hell - as I know that makes you feel uncomfortable as well - so it's tit fo tat Bro. Behave and leave me alone and do not talk to me about Jesus ever again - or you could loose a brother who you have pushed away and who is quite capable of living without you in my life, if that's how you want things... it's fine by me and if that's what your God thinks is acceptable for brothes - to fight and fall out - over God and Jesus, then God and Jesus have not done their jobs very well huh ? Bad parenting skills huh ? So much for your God's unconditional love then Bro. and so much for yours. Obvious to me now, it is conditional on how you feel, and that appalls me. You don’t have to silence yourself. Just leave me out of your spread, or leave me alone entirely.”

He answered :-

“You shouldn’t let words make you so angry. I wish you all the best. I hope your eyes will open soon before its too late.”

My now irritated response:-


You are the blinkered one, the blind one the one who is incapable of hearing my words and taking note and accepting - WITH RESPECT AND NOT SOME CONDESCENDING TWADDLE ' and move on. God loves me. Don'tr you get that - regardless of yoiu of Jesus of anything.

Jesus loves me.

Alah loves me.

Shiva loves me.

Some humans do not love me but then, they are not as advanced and as accepting as the above, and it's time you realised you have a long way to go Bro if you think you are 'up there' and able to preach to anyone about anything. You are not - and as long as you are a bigot, you are not of God, you are not of Jesus and you are a disgrace to any religion. You spread hate and fear dressed up as spreading the word of Jesus to help those, YOU SEE as lost, when Jesus and God sees us all exactly as we are - PERFECT IN EVERY WAY - and that says a lot about you Bro.

You have a lot to learn and to start with - learn to accept without condescending arrogance as you are no more worthy then anyone else amongst the 7 billion people on this planet. You are no more or no less than anyone else. PERIOD."

I have not heard since. No loss to me, just sadness that religion can cause such disharmony between family members, and betwen anyone actually, as religion is suppose to be about beauty and love and not seperation and fear.

So much for those teaching the love of God. So much for the teaching of Jesus. Seems His words have been taken and twisted to suit those who claim it is for them to mean what they want it to mean, not what it actually was meant to mean at all.

I miss my Bro but will not take his Jesus stuff any more. He is unable to stop as almost every word - every comversation, is all about Jesus, and it exhausts and now, even our Mother says she is fed up with it so -

Thanks John. Did me good to e mail this to you as it took ages to do and I went through it a few times, cried a few times and wondered if I was in the wrong but came out with a definate NO - YOU ARE QUITE CORRECT.

So much for religion huh ?

Simon A.




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