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pushy vegetarians

Sent to us by Jacob B.

Went to a friends wedding back in 2012 here in Colorado.

250 people were invited.

As it was a summer wedding and the weather was good, the meal was to be a spit roast whole cow - very typical for cattle rearing country and not unusual at large gatherings of this size and would be served outdoors in the garden of the hotel and it came with all the extras and a vegetarian / vegan alternative.

A ' significant other' who was not directly invited but came with a friend of the brides, started complaining about the smell of the roasting beef and started loudly complaining how the smell was making her ill and as a vegetarian she should not have to put up with this.

Several people told her that as there was nothing they could do about the smell of the cooking and if she did not like it she could move away from the area - it was a big enough garden - and find somewhere the smell wasn't - OR LEAVE.

But this was not good enough for her and she started having a right go AT THE GROOM - AT HIS OWN WEDDING - about how selfish he was, how thoughtless he was, how inconsiderate he was and how he hadn't thought about her being a vegetarian ( remembering he didn't know this women and she didn't complain on behalf of all vegetarians but all about herself, as if she was the star at the wedding that everyone should pay attention to her ) all the while people stared with their mouths open.

Why is it that so many vegetarian and vegans think it their mission to ruin other peoples BIG DAY with throwing tantrums because of their own personal choice and throw abuse at those who do not share their dietary choices.

Eventually it got so heated and she was not backing down and the whole place now, was silent and watching her - and she just went for it - until the person who had brought her eventually paid attention to what was going on and HE was then told to take her away and to leave the party NOW as she was ruining the whole thing, and even though she left with the invited guest, she made sure everyone at the wedding knew how selfish the groom was for not paying her attention, not pandering to her whims and not catering to her every want, and this KAREN - this appalling disgrace for cheap white trash - was eventually evicted from the wedding and everyone, and John I mean every single one of the 250 people attending, many of whom were also vegetarians, were disgusted - absolutely disgusted at this women.

Some of the other vegetarians came and apologised on behalf of fellow vegetarians who were as equally outraged over her actions as anyone else and hiding behind her vegetarianism was just a smoke screen for garnering attention on a day when the attention was elsewhere and she - quite simply - didn't like being ignored.

Now, this is where the story gets interesting.

She went to a local vegetarian restaurant as she had not eaten anything and complained loudly about what had just happened and the owner of the restaurant had catered all the vegetarian food for the wedding, unbeknown to her, and he did state that there was a wonderful and full choice at the wedding for her - and she started having a go at him as well. So he also threw her out - without eating - and she once again, was left hungry.

It continues. On Facebook the next day was the inevitable video ( three actually ) filmed by guests at the wedding of her ranting at the groom about how selfish he was for not catering to her needs, and it went viral around all the wedding guests and loads of people saw it - as well as her boss at work.

He was not amused.

Her boss relied very much on local trade and the good name of his company and while all the locals knew his family run business, they now saw a staff member massively misbehaving and - simply put - he fired her for her behaviour as it portrayed his business in a bad light and he had to step in to limit damage control and get her out - as she was on a mission and mouthed off anywhere and everywhere she could about what had happened and it was only after the videos appeared that she went into hiding as even the local paper picked up on it and there she was, picture in the press, with the headline VEGETARIAN RUINS WEDDING.

It didn't end there. She tried to sue the groom demanding $25,000 for pain and suffering , which was odd as she was just a guest and had not paid a dime - and where there was a vegetarian alternative and even a vegan one, but this did not make her happy and as she appeared to be on a mission from hell, and she took the groom onto Judge Judy who listened to the facts and the bride and groom were witnesses and the hotel had the chef who detailed the meal available for her and she argued and argued all through the recording with Judge Judy telling her to shut up several times, and Judge Judy read the absolute riot act at her about her thoughtless actions and self seeking manner and how disgraceful it was she had ruined the wedding for these guys and she was fined the max $5,000 as bride and groom counter sued for harassment since the wedding, and they won. Not only did this women loose her job and was viewed by millions on TV - the local paper ran several front page stories about ' LOCAL WEDDING COUPLE ON JUDGE JUDY ' and ' LOCAL WOMEN RUINS WEDDING PARTY ' - and even ' VEGETARIAN RUINS MEAT EATERS FEAST' - and the pay back from the public, the disgust and shock of how she had acted during a wedding left its mark and she was forced to move out of the town and she actually left the state and it was hoped she had learned her lesson as no one ever saw or heard from her again. The point here is not the fact that she was a vegetarian, it was how obnoxious she was, how she HAD to throw a tantrum and scream how she didn't eat meat - and as no one cared and no one was interested - made her behaviour even worse and THAT was the problem with this women and how she handled the whole thing.


John Bellamy Responds: I was vegetarian for about 2 years. I went to Nebraska with my lover at the time as he had a home and a cattle ranch and when the locals found out I was a vegetarian I was almost outcast as their whole way of life had been for over 200 years, was cattle rearing - and they saw me as the Anti Christ so I started eating meat again and BOY it was hard on my stomach that first meal. Culturally I felt it was appropriate to eat meat, plus I love meat as well although even now still have vegey meals occasionally as a way of giving my stomach a rest. It is like reformed smokers constantly complaining ( in the old days ) about the smell of smoke when they went to a bar or a night club... THEN DON'T GO TO THE FUCKING BAR OR NIGHT CLUB - KNOWING IT IS SMOKY AND YOU WILL COMPLAIN... and don't go to a Mc Donald's and complain about the smell of burgers as that is deliberate and attention seeking and BORING AS FUCK.

As in anything in life, we all have personal choice and educating someone is one thing, ranting and belittling is something else and many belittle like they are talking down to children and this goes against their cause as patronising someone who lives life in a different manner does not make it wrong, just wrong to you maybe, and what gives you the right to find fault in others when you have made your own life choices but refuse others theirs.

Alcohol and drugs are another contentious subject and only valid if both sides know the truth and not the bullshit we are told is true but is so often a lie - a manipulative lie to keep an industry in profit.

We do eat far too much meat. But ranting does no good at all and just puts people off your cause. JB



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